Body Conditioning

Improve the condition of your body:

Body conditioning is an aerobics warm up with muscle toning exercises. A great class for those looking for muscle shaping away from the gym!

You will do an aerobic style warm up, then move on to muscle toning exercises to get maximum benefit from the 45 minute class!

The class will help you to shape and tone your muscles and sculpt your body.

Did you know? 

Body conditioning, not only improves muscle tone, it also increases your endurance and flexibility, ensuring you have well rounded physical fitness.

Did you know? 

Body conditioning exercises help your cardiovascular health too. The exercises in a body conditioning class give your respiratory system a boost, lowering your risk for heart disease and diabetes.

Available at: 

Meridian Leisure Centre: Mondays at 09:15am and Thursdays at 11:15am


Please see the table below for class prices: