“I always thought Magna Vitae was just like every other leisure organisation”

In the average year….

42,316 residents take part in some form of physical activity at Magna Vitae facilities of these:
300 inactive residents on the Exercise on Prescription programme
1,500 young people learning to swim through water wise

In the community
100 over 50’s attended Fitness Food and Friends in community venues
292 residents received training and digital equipment to reduce feelings of isolation
40,000 attended cultural events and community festivals organised by Magna Vitae

The impact on residents is significant:
24,448 residents reported an improvement in physical health, with at risk residents displaying noticeable risk reductions against health conditions such as Coronary Heart Disease, Stroke, Dementia, Diabetes, and Cancer.
17,558 residents reported an improvement in mental health, with many reporting feelings of self-achievement and improved self-esteem.
12,001 residents felt less isolated. Magna Vitae breaks down barriers, strengthening communities and creating new connections with friends both new and old, be this digital or in person.

For every £1 invested in Magna Vitae we created 4x as much value for service users, Public Health and Social Care Systems.

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