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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at the end of the day?

At collection time we hold a presentation for all children, each child receives  a certificate and a sweet treat. The coaches also have the opportunity to hand out a medal to their ‘child of the day’.

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

Unfortunately we are unable to accept childcare vouchers, however, we have a loyalty card which you can use on every visit. Get to 9 and your 10th is FREE!

What if my child doesn’t like the activities?

We encourage all children to have a go at the activities, even if they don’t like it or feel they are bad at it. We don’t force children to take part but if they don’t want to join in we ask them to  assist in other ways like keeping score and setting out equipment.

We always involve children and no child will ever be left out!

What kind of activities will my child be doing?

At the beginning and end of the day we all come together for fun ice breaker games, encouraging all children to mix together.

Throughout the day, children will take part in 2 activities in the morning and 2 activities in the afternoon, with a lunch break in between.

Depending on the day there are either a choice of activities or the group is split into ages (4-7 years & 8-11 years). After lunch over 8’s have a choice of going swimming, whilst this takes place the other children have a free play hour of craft, board games and chill out.

Will my child be looked after properly?

Of course! Our delivery team are experienced, qualified and are fully trained. Each member of staff holds a valid DBS check and is trained in First Aid.

What if my child doesn’t know anyone?

We encourage children to mix with each other right from the start and we never leave anyone out. Our first games and activities are icebreakers, ideal for those children who may not know anyone.

What does my child need to bring with them?

Your child will need lunch, a water bottle (preferably refillable), snacks, sun hat and sun cream and a waterproof coat (which hopefully we won’t need to use!)

Is the astroturf open to the public?

Yes, the public can book the astroturf for football and hockey. We are very busy through the winter months so availability is limited. Please contact us on 01507 605968 to arrange bookings. Whether, these are one off or blocks we will accommodate where possible.

I want to hold an event at London Road Pavilion, can I do this?

Yes, we hold several events per year, and we are happy to work with the public and commercial companies to put these in place. All events are arranged and organised on an individual basis. Contact us to discuss in more detail on 01507 605968.

Do I need to be a club member to use London Road Pavilion?

No, we offer all of our facilities and services to the community as well as being a “home” base for  clubs. Contact us to find out about availability and offers on 01507 605968.

How do I get involved in the sports activities at London Road Pavilion?

The best way to become involved is to join one of the home clubs. Louth Old Boys, Louth Hockey Club, and Louth Cricket Club are all based here.

Can I book a football pitch?

Yes, as long as we have availability and weather conditions allow for your booking to go ahead.

Do you hire out the function room?

Yes, you can book this out for parties, meetings, corporate events & more! Prices start from as little as £15.80 per hour including bar and kitchen facilties. Give us a ring to find out more information on 01507 605968

What temperature are your swimming pools?

Meridian Leisure Centre

Our main pool is 29 degrees and our leisure pool (baby pool) is 31 degrees.

Horncastle Pool & Fitness Suite

Our pool is 29 – 30 degrees

Skegness Pool & Fitness Suite

Our pool is 29 – 30 degrees

Can I check what bookings I have made?

Yes, you will be able to see all of your bookings and will receive a confirmation email for each booking you make.

How long do I have to complete the online booking?

You will have a 10 minute window to complete your booking before the space becomes available for someone else.

Who do I contact if something goes wrong?

Please contact the facility where you are making the booking.

Can I cancel or transfer my session?

Yes, you will need to ring the facility where the booking is made. Our 48 hour cancellation policy will apply.

What am I able to book?

Fitness members can book any class they wish to attend, 7 days in advance. This gives all members equal access to try all classes.

In time you will be able to book pretty much every activity online.

The exceptions to this will be:

  • Swimming lessons
  • Birthday parties
  • Room hire
  • Block bookings by clubs
  • General swimming

These activities have been excluded because we may need to organise additional staff for these sessions or simply because there is no need to book a place.

Why is this only available to members?

Our members pre-pay for the activities that they enjoy at our leisure facilities.

Watch this space!

Book & pay online will be coming soon…

How do I receive my online booking details?

Please contact reception at your nearest centre to  collect your login details.

The doctor has referred me to come to the gym, how do I start?

We run sessions for referrals from your gp. Once we have received your referral letter one of our consultants will call you to book a consultation. This option is £45 for 3 months and then you can choose to do £23.50 a month by direct debit for the next 9 months.

Find out more on our Exercise Referral page.

Do you offer personal training sessions and how much are they?

Yes we do, each site has their own Personal Trainers, speak to reception to get their prices.

Can I have a programme made for my specific needs to use in the gym?

We can do that, all we ask is for you to contact reception so that they can book you in with one of our consultants on a day and time to suit. This is included as part of your membership.

How much do I have to pay for an MV Card?

Your first MV Card is FREE. You just need to fill out an application form. If you need a replacement, then MV Cards are £1 each.

I have forgotten my MV card, can I still get the discount?

Unfortunately you need to have your MV card with you to receive the discount at our centres.

Am I eligible for an MV Card?

The MV Card is provided FREE to residents of East Lindsey and immediate neighbouring districts. Have a look at our MV Card page for more information.

Do I have to become a member to use the gym?

No you can use the gym “pay as you go”, you will need to pay for your induction then pay each time you come in. If you would like to participate in an exercise class whilst you are at the venue you will need to pay for this seperately.

Do you do a monthly membership for those working in area?

There is an option for a non-contract membership.  Take a look at our membership packages.

Why do I need an induction if I’ve used gyms elsewhere?

Joining the gym allows access to all of our equipment which can be different from other sites. The first, most important part of the induction is to make sure you know how to use and are comfortable with all of our equipment.

We find that a large number of customers have used gyms before but not necessarily achieved the results they would like, our helpful and qualified staff will assist you to get the most out of your sessions and to make them goal based and enjoyable.

After the initial induction we offer free follow ups to members so that we can design a programme specific to your needs.

I’ve never been to your facility before or used a gym & I’m nervous. Would somebody show me around and what to do?

Drop in to our venues at anytime and someone will be more than happy to give you a tour and get you booked in to have an induction.

Don’t worry! We will show you how to use all of our equipment and design a programme to meet your needs.

How old do you have to be to use the sauna & steam Room?

The age limit  for these is 16 years and over.

What clothing can I wear in the swimming pool?

What are your swimming pool rules and regulations?

For site specific rules & regulations or for more detail please contact the relevant venue.

Our Safe Swim Policy applies.

Do you do children’s parties?

Yes, we have a range of activities for children’s parties, take a look at our Birthday Party page to find out more.

Do you have adult only swimming sessions?

Yes we do! Check out our Swimming page to find out more.

Do you sell swimwear?

Yes, we have a selection of swimwear and accessories to buy ranging from costumes to swim nappies. We can also order in items if sizes or styles aren’t available.

How many children can I take swimming with me?

Any 16 year old and above can take 2 under 8’s in the swimming pool with them. If the child is 8 or older they can use our swimming pools unsupervised.

Safe Swim Policy

Do you offer lane swimming?

We offer a variety of swimming sessions, check out our Swimming page to find out more?

Do you have to be a member or MV card holder to use the swimming pool?

No, everyone can use our swimming pools.

Why can I only book 7 days in advance?

This gives everyone equal access to try our range of exercise classes.

What exercise classes do you offer?

We offer a variety of exercise classes, have a look at our Exercise Class page to see what you can do at your nearest venue.

Are exercise classes free with membership?

Yes exercise classes are free with memberships. If you do not have a membership and you want to do exercise classes, you can pay per class.

Do I have to pay at the time of booking?

All bookings must be paid for at the time of booking. Payment can be made by card, cash or cheque.

What times are the facilities open?

Check out our venues’ pages for opening times.

Is there a car park for customers?

All of our venues have parking facilities to find out more go to our venues’ pages.

Do you have disability access?

All of our venues have disability access.  There are wide corridors & doors, lifts and our swimming pools have beached areas or have access steps and hoists.

How do you hire a chalet at Embassy Swimming Pool?

See reception to complete a booking form or book over the phone.

Will your venues be affected during school holidays?

Some of the normal sessions may not be running during school holidays. Check out our holiday timetables to find out more or contact your venue.

What age does my baby need to be before I take him/her swimming?

We advise you to wait until your baby has had its 12 week injections before you bring them swimming.

Why is swimming so good for you?

30 minutes of activity is worth 45 minutes of the same activity on land due to the resistance of the water making your body work harder. The water also holds your weight so swimming is great for people who require low impact exercise.

Why is learning to swim so important?

Swimming is a life skill. As 75% of our planet is water, it is vital that young people are given the opportunity to learn to swim for their own safety. Swimming is also one of the safest and most popular forms of exercise. It is a whole family activity, one that we participate in during our free time, whilst on holiday, at the beach and at our local pool. By learning to swim and getting the essentials right at an early age, a child is more likely to enjoy swimming in the future.

ASA Learn to Swim Parents Guide – ASA Foundation Framework P3

Do I need to let the swimming teacher know about medical conditions and illnesses?

When booking into swimming lessons please let us know if your child has any medical conditions. Your child should not attend swimming lessons if they have ear infections, infectious diseases, open wounds or sore eyes. We also advise you do not swim 48 hours after a sickness bug.

How long do I need to wait after eating to swim?

We do not advise you to swim on a full stomach, do not eat in the hour you are coming swimming. If children are coming straight from school for swimming lessons they may need a small snack to maintain energy levels.

What do I need for my swimming lesson?

  • Swimming costume/trunks/shorts
  • Towel
  • Shampoo & shower gel
  • Hair clips/hair bands
  • Swimming cap if desired
  • Goggles
  • Armbands (if child has their own)

How long will it take a swimmer to pass each stage?

This will vary depending on skills and experience, if they started in an adult and child session they may move faster initially as they are familiar with the framework. Some children are also more naturally competent and confident in the water so will progress faster.

Why are some swimmers in the group given different activities?

This will depend on their strengths and weaknesses to help the teachers focus on their individual needs

What should I expect from each swimming lesson?

The lessons are led by a Swim England (formerly ASA) qualified swimming teacher with a class including a maximum of 12 swimmers. The teacher will provide a variety of fun based activities to help the swimmers learn new skills and provide feedback and instruction to help each individual swimmer develop. As the lessons progress the teacher will record this and let you know when they have completed all outcomes for that stage and the child is awarded a badge and moved into a new class where available.

Is the paediatric course the full qualification I need to work in a child care environment and is it OFSTED approved?

Yes, attending the 2 day Paediatric First Aid course will give you full certification requirement for all child care jobs.

If I fail the lifeguard assessment, can I re-take it?

Yes, you get 28 days from the original assessment day to re-take. The course trainer will give you more information on this should you fail.

Does the first aid course give you a certified qualification?

Yes, you will be qualified for 2 years. After this you will need to renew the qualification. Providing you renew before your current one expires this will be a shorter renewal course.

Do your course fees include the course material and assessment fees?

Yes, this is all included within the enrolment and course fees.

Is there a written paper involved in the assessment?

NPLQ, First Aid, AED and Paediatrics do not have any written tests involved in the assessment process. It is all verbal and practical assessments.

Do your courses include AED (defibrillator) training?

The trainer who is running the course will state whether they are including AED (defibrillator) within their course content. If they are, this will mean you will be certified to use the AED for 3 years upon successful completion of the assessment.

Do I have to attend every day?

Yes, the length of the course is set to ensure you attend the minimum training hours required.

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