Les Mills BODYBALANCE™ is a variation of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates which helps improve flexibility, build strength and leaves you feeling relaxed and calm.

BODYBALANCE™ seamlessly incorporates a series of poses, moves and stretches that brings your body, and mind, in to a state of harmony and serenity.

Bringing balance back into your everyday busy life, this class will focus on controlled breathing techniques and soothing music as you flow through the workout.

Challenging yet calming BODYBALANCE™ is coming soon to Magna Vitae, Meridian Leisure Centre.

The above exercise is the Extended Side Angle Pose which helps strengthen the core and stretch the legs, knees and ankles. This move descends from ‘Utthita Parsvakonasana’ meaning helping you find the length of your side body, from your heel to your fingertips.

Benefits of BODYBALANCE™:

  • Improves flexibility whilst strengthening the core and body
  • Improves cardio-vascular function and burn approx. 390 calories* per session
  • Reduces stress enhancing mental wellbeing