Our Vision:
To improve the wellbeing of our community, enabling people to live great lives.

Our Mission:
To clearly demonstrate proactive and innovative leadership, that will generate positive changes in the areas of social and
economic inequality. We are committed to empower local people by reaching out with humanity and compassion.

Our Values:
We are in this together; we embrace change; we are always learning and we celebrate difference.

Our Minimum Service Standards:
We are committed to providing a service, which meets or exceeds your expectations every time you visit the centre. The
standards that we are pursuing are:

Availability of services:
• The time and availability of services will be published in our leisure programmes.
• Any foreseen change will be duly notified to our customers through social media and the display of appropriate notices within the venues.
• Any unforeseen (emergency) interruptions to services, which have been booked, will result in refunds and/or an offer of alternative services where possible.

Staff will:
• Smile, be friendly and be helpful.
• Be trained, appropriately qualified and will comply with company safeguarding policies.
• Be easily identifiable by wearing uniforms and name badges at all times.
• Be receptive to customer comments and able to act upon such comments to your satisfaction.

All activity areas will be:
• Clean and safe
• Furnished with equipment, which is in good working order, and checked and maintained regularly.
• Equipment set up in accordance with the requirements of the governing body of the activity.
• Ready for use within five minutes of the commencement of the period booked where equipment changeovers are necessary (except where otherwise agreed in advance with the customer).
• Illuminated, heated and ventilated to ensure comfortable and safe activity conditions.

All ancillary areas, including changing rooms, showers and toilets will be:
• Clean, hygienic and in good working order.
• Checked by staff on a regular basis and remedial action taken where necessary.
• Maintained at a temperature which is comfortable and complimentary to other areas.

We aim to:
• Ensure the centre is clean, safe and well maintained.
• Maintain a balanced programme of activities and services, which cater for the needs of all sections of the community.
• Maintain prices at a competitive and affordable level for all customers.
• Inspect the facility and services at regular intervals throughout the day and take necessary remedial action.
• Undertake regular surveys of our customers to ensure that we continue to meet your expectations.
• Pursue continuous improvement in all areas of our organisation.

If we have not met any of these standards, please contact a member of staff. The name of your Duty Manager is displayed in
the reception area. The Duty Manager will be available whenever possible to discuss any issue with you.