Safeguarding is an important issue. We want everyone who visits our facilities to have an enjoyable time. To make your experience a positive one, we always aim to provide a safe and secure environment.

All of our customers, including children and vulnerable adults, have the right to enjoy their time in our facilities free from all forms of abuse and exploitation. We endeavour to protect all our visitors venue from harm, discrimination, bullying and harassment.

Our Safeguarding Policies

Magna Vitae have a number of policies and procedures in place to ensure we achieve this:

  • All new staff follow an induction programme which includes training in safeguarding issues and procedures. All new staff also have to pass a probationary period.
  • Magna Vitae, and all associated venues, have a clear process for reporting safeguarding concerns
  • All staff attend regular training covering the latest safeguarding policies and refreshing their awareness of our procedures. We practice safeguarding procedures on a regular basis.
  • All members of staff are made aware of good practice to ensure a safe and healthy environment amongst parents, guardians and participants.
  • Implementing our Safeguarding Policy on a daily basis, and when providing activities and programmes for children, young people and vulnerable adults to make sure everyone has fun.
  • Ensuring external organisations using our facilities address safeguarding requirements.
  • We have a clear process for dealing with allegations of abuse against members of staff.

Safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility. Together we can make sure that all visitors to Magna Vitae venues have a safe, comfortable and enjoyable time. Remember, if you see something, say something! You could make a real difference.

Safeguarding: Never Leave A Child Alone, Safeguarding, Magna Vitae, East LindseySafeguarding: If you see something say somethign, Safeguarding, Magna Vitae, East Lindsey


You can find more information about how we work to protect the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults in our Safeguarding Policy