Pilates classes are very popular, we have different types of classes that combine stretching and strength work. Visit the class regularly and you will notice improved posture and mobility of the muscles around the spine.  These classes are great for anyone looking to improve core stability.

At Meridian Leisure Centre

Level 1 is suitable for beginners or those looking to work at a lower level.

Level 2 is suitable for those with a good understanding of Pilates and wishing to work at a slightly higher level.

Ballet Barre combines ballet barre exercises, Pilates, body conditioning and  stretches for a total body workout. This class is designed to lift, tighten and tone!  It is perfect for anyone who wants to see definition and tone without adding bulk. Although this is a low impact class, you should expect to sweat and feel the burn!


Please see the table below for pricing:

In the community

Fitball Pilates suitable for those with an understanding of Pilates. The unique instability the fitball creates in your body enables your core muscles to switch on and become strengthened. It helps you work the deepest layers of your abs and gives you excellent results.

Horncastle Community Centre