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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my child doesn’t like the activities?

We encourage all children to have a go at the activities, even if they don’t like it or feel they are bad at it. We don’t force children to take part but if they don’t want to join in we ask them to  assist in other ways like keeping score and setting out equipment.

We always involve children and no child will ever be left out!

What kind of activities will my child be doing?

At the beginning and end of the day we all come together for fun ice breaker games, encouraging all children to mix together.

Throughout the day, children will take part in 2 activities in the morning and 2 activities in the afternoon, with a lunch break in between.

Depending on the day there are either a choice of activities or the group is split into ages (4-7 years & 8-11 years). After lunch over 8’s have a choice of going swimming, whilst this takes place the other children have a free play hour of craft, board games and chill out.

Will my child be looked after properly?

Of course! Our delivery team are experienced, qualified and are fully trained. Each member of staff holds a valid DBS check and is trained in First Aid.

What if my child doesn’t know anyone?

We encourage children to mix with each other right from the start and we never leave anyone out. Our first games and activities are icebreakers, ideal for those children who may not know anyone.

What does my child need to bring with them?

Your child will need lunch, a water bottle (preferably refillable), snacks, sun hat and sun cream and a waterproof coat (which hopefully we won’t need to use!)

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