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Frequently Asked Questions

Will all sessions and activities be back on the programme like before?

We have worked really hard to build back the wide variety of sessions we had on offer. Some of these not returning have been due to coach / instructor availability, some issues with room hire.

Please do keep an eye on programming or chat to a member of the site team if there is a specific session you are looking for.

Will the capacity of sessions be rising to normal again?

Whilst we appreciate that some users have enjoyed a much quieter session, sadly we’ve also had some high frustrations that people can not get booked in. As a not for profit organisation, we strive to make each activity enjoyable but we do need to ensure they are sustainable. We are working on how we can improve the activities, especially swimming.  

Can I use the changing rooms before my swim?

Given that Covid19 is still very much around, to help the flow into our changing areas and to also help keep the cleaning standards high, we are encouraging users to arrive with their swim costumes under their outdoor clothes. If however this isn’t possible, then changing facilities will be open.  

Can we use the showers?

From 19 July, yes you can use to the showers for a pre and post swim shower. We do still advise to keeping these to a minimum amount of time, to reduce the contact with other users.  

Can we use lockers?

Yes, you can use lockers that are available within the changing rooms. Lockers require a £1 coin (which is refundable) or a locker token. Please be aware that Meridian Leisure Centre Health Suite changing room lockers require a padlock.


Are both pools in use at Meridian Leisure Centre?

Where possible you can use both the swimming pools at the same time. There are occasions where it may just be the Leisure Pool/Main Pool. Please check the pool programmes for this.  

How will swimming pool bookings now work?

Bookings are still advised when booking for the swimming pools and we will continue to operate with sessions throughout the day and not an open pool. Pool capacity numbers will still be low and gradually increase over the next couple of months and will alter where required as the regulations start to ease.

At Meridian Leisure Centre we will be operating on a banding system for the summer holidays. This means that you will be booked in for an allotted time. You will also be given a wristband that you must wear in the swimming pool.  

Will the sauna and steam room reopen at Meridian Leisure Centre?

Meridian Leisure Centre’s sauna and steam room will reopen from 26 July. The times will be confirmed week commencing 19 July.

Do we still need to scan the QR code on each visit?

Whilst it is not essential for you to continue to check in with the QR codes, we will continue to display these within the venues for you to check in using the NHS app.  

Can we stand and catch up with someone socially in the building?

Whilst you can now do this, although we still advise to socialise outside in the fresh air. At Meridian Leisure Centre or Skegness Pool and Fitness Suite why don’t you take advantage of the café and enjoy a coffee and cake! 

Can we use personal towels?

Yes, you can use personal towels again. Please be mindful of others and still use the wipes in the fitness suite to wipe down equipment before and after use.  

Can we workout next to each other in the gym?

Yes, you can now workout next to other people on the fitness equipment. Please be mindful of others when using the machinery, as some users may not want to do this.  

Do I still need to wipe equipment down?

Hygiene and cleaning standards are still very much high on our agenda, and we still advise to wipe equipment down before and after use.
We have noted a change since returning from lockdown. The team will continue to enforce this so that we can provide the best possible experience for our users.  

Will the opening hours change back?

Sadly like most businesses, Magna Vitae, a charitable trust, has been significantly impacted by the pandemic. Our membership base is now around 50% of pre pandemic and naturally our staffing structure has also been impacted. We will of course monitor times and sessions but we will be operating to the new normal. 

Can we visit the venue for a session without booking?

Whilst we understand that it is easier to turn up to sessions, there is no guarantee that there will be space for you.

For example, we will still be operating to a limited capacity within the swimming pools, if the session you turn up for is already fully booked you may need to wait until the next session that is available before entering.

We advise to book in advance to avoid disappointment.  

Do we still need to book in advance?

All our sessions will remain as web bookable and members and MV card holders can book their sessions directly through the booking online portal.

We have had some really positive feedback on how this is helping people stay committed to their sessions, plan their day and also ensure they can get a space. We therefore will really be encouraging people to continue with this service 

Do I still need to sanitise hands?

We continue to encourage you to clean your hands regularly when entering and moving around the venue. The sanitising areas around the buildings will remain in place.   

Are we still required to social distance?

With social distancing law now being lifted from 19 July, you should still continue to consider the risks of being in close contact with others.

We will continue to advise you to remain 1-2m from other people where possible throughout the venue. 

Do I need to wear a face covering?

The requirement to wear face coverings in law will be lifted. However, the Government expects and recommends that people wear face coverings in crowded areas such as spectator seating and close contact activities. Therefore we will be enforcing face coverings for fitness introductions and other close contact activities.

Our main priority is to ensure we can remain open for you, and to do so our staff will continue to wear face coverings around the venues. Please support us and customers as we continue to do so.

Does physical activity increase resilience to COVID-19?

WHO (World Health Organisation) recommend regular physical activity benefits both the body and mind. It can reduce high blood pressure, help manage weight and reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and various cancers – all conditions that can increase susceptibility to COVID-19.

Physical activity leads to improvements in immune health and metabolic health, both of which are linked to COVID risk. Furthermore, physical activity is central in weight management and positive changes in body composition, both of which are linked to COVID-19 risk.

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