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Lockdown 3 with Magna Vitae

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Enjoy a fun packed dance and toning workout at home, one for all the family to be involved in. Options for all fitness levels.

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Express Core

A great way to strengthen your core through body
weight exercises.

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Fun House

Join Kenny with some traditional fun and games around the home, including card and board games.

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Funky Friday

A fun-filled party dance bonanza for all the family!! Make sure you bring your dancing shoes to bust some moves!

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(High-Intensity Interval Training) is one of the best ways to improve your fitness! Get better results in less time.

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Home Resistance Training

Join George for some home resistance training tips that done suck! From tempo options to using resistance bands.

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Home Workouts

Join George for some home workouts including full body, legs, chest and much more.

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Laugh with Lewis

For those of you who already know Lewis… he is someone that can make you laugh from the comfort of your own home.

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Monday Mash Up

Join our Lifestyle Consultants for a mash up of different workouts each week.

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Mobility Exercises

Join Richard for some easy mobility exercises that you can do at home either standing up or from a chair.

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Myth Busters

Join Sammy tackling any Myths that you may think are true! You will be shocked.

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A class combining stretching and strength work to improve posture and mobility on the muscles around the spine.

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Rave Fit

Join Laura for a 90’s inspired dance aerobics class.
(glow sticks optional)

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Saturday Kitchen

Fun and easy recipes for you to try in the kitchen at home. Parental guidance is needed.

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Sensory Scientists

Indoor creative activities, including promoting sensory, fine motor skills and some early years science too!

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Splish Splash

Let your imagination run wild with bath time stories from Nicky. From Stella the Starfish to Tiny Turtle.

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Story Time

Start to rediscover your childhood favourites at bedtime. From Wizard of Oz to Wind in the Willows there is a story for everyone.

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Stretch and Mobility

This class is ideal for anyone looking to improve that posture, proper body alignment, better movement and flexibility.

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Swimming Skills

Your instructors are here to offer you support while you are not able to attend your swimming lessons.

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Tea at Three

Join Lizzie and Marko with a cuppa tea and a biscuit for a good old natter.

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Total Body Workout

Using all the major muscle groups, a workout mixing strength and cardio. (weights optional)

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Treasure Hunters

Outdoor treasure hunts for your socially distanced family exercise. Use the activity sheet to find every treasure in your local area.

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Wellbeing Wednesday

Wellbeing Wednesday is a low impact exercise around
chair-based exercise to help with toning and mobility.

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Workout with Weights

Join our Lifestyle Consultants for a variation of different workouts with weights.

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Yoga Fusion.

A holistic class that combines elements of both Yoga and Pilates with stretching, mobility and breathing exercises.

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