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Virtual classes: your questions answered

by Magna Vitae’s Sales and Retention Manager Chris Coveley.

It will soon be here – Meridian’s new virtual reality studio is on its way…but what does this really mean and how will it benefit the centre and, more importantly, the thousands of people who use it every year.

Q. Will this new virtual studio replace my favourite instructor?
A. No, that is not the case at all. All our regular instructor-led classes will be running the same as they have always done.

Q. If the instructors are still going to be there, then why do you need this new virtual studio?
A. Of course this will never replace our instructed classes, what it will do is give the centre users much more flexibility and choice. Classes can run at all different times of the day, meeting the needs of individuals, while being cost effective and flexible for all sorts of groups, organisations and clubs.

Q. So, what do you mean when you say groups and clubs can use it?
A. Well let’s take a couple of examples. You may be in a cycling club which cannot train in the winter due to the bad weather, how about the whole club booking a session in the virtual spin studio, on the spin bikes, being pitched against some of the best Sufferfest races in the world? The sessions would be cost-effective as we could run it out of peak times, allowing you all to come together.
Then, at the other end of the spectrum, you may be part of a group that is not used to exercise and wants to start – your group members may feel intimidated walking into a class on their own, but they don’t have to. Instead all members could do one of our gentle virtual classes as a group – again cost effective.
Or there could be just two or three of you wanting to do something. If that is the case, it may not be cost effective to bring in an instructor but, again out of peak times, the virtual studio will be an option.

Q. What about a situation where something happens, and we would need an instructor?
A. Experience in other centres shows that virtual classes are extremely safe, those leading the classes on the screen are some of the best tutors in the world today. However, there will be instructors present to start the classes and trained professionals will be monitoring sessions and available within the centre.

Q. So, what classes will there be?
A. The virtual Les Mills classes we will be screening initially are Bodybalance, Bodypump, Bodycombat, Sh’bam and CXWORX. Spin and cycling fans will be able to enjoy all the action brought to you by Sufferfest in the new seperate spin studio on the ground floor of the Fitness Suite.

Q. Do you know how much the classes with cost?
A. All these classes will be included in your annual members or direct debit at no cost extra cost –this in an investment by us as we look at offering you more of the best. For non-members class prices will be the same as instructor-led classes.

Q. What equipment will I need and what do I wear?
A. Normal gym gear that is comfortable – and remember to bring your water bottle to keep hydrated.

Q. What happens if the virtual class freezes or the screen breaks down?
A. With the technology we have, this is highly unlikely to happen. However, if it does occur then we would ask that you call a member of staff immediately.

Q. If a virtual class has started, would I be able to join it?
A. Like all classes, we would recommend that you get here in plenty of time. Virtual classes will only be available to pre-book, so you will know the time it is starting. However, if you are a little late then we are sure you will be able to join in.

If you have any more queries or questions about then please email

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