Lane Swimming

Lane swimming for all speeds of swimmer

We have dedicated lane swimming sessions at each of our centres, providing you with the perfect opportunity to get active whilst enjoying a social swim with others.

Lane swimming is perfect for all swimmers of all abilities, and regular lane swimming will help you to build your fitness, gain muscle strength, and generally feel happy and healthier.

Lane swimming is also the perfect way to train for events such as triathlon, and even open water swimming. Not only can you practice your stroke technique, lane swimming also gives you the opportunity to clock up those training miles, to make sure you are fighting fit for the swim challenge ahead.

Just like on the roads there are rules

Our sessions cater for all abilities with lanes of varying speeds, so if you are a slower swimmer, please do not worry, there is a lane for you. However even when it is quieter,  please choose your lane based on the speed of the other participants in the session.

Each lane has a board telling you which side to swim up and which side to swim down. This way everyone can practice swimming at a comfortable speed without bumping in to someone!

Lane swimming

Please see the table below for swimming prices at each of our pools.