50+ Swimming

Keeping fit is important for all of us, but even more so as we get older

Dive in to  discover why swimming is the most recommended form of exercise for the over 50’s.

Did you know?

Swimming is as good for your cardio-vascular system as an aerobics class, just without impacting your joints. We offer tailored Over 50 swimming sessions at Horncastle Pool & Fitness Suite and Meridian Leisure Centre in Louth.

Fun Fact… Swimming utilises more muscle groups than running, and going for a swim improves muscle definition and strength throughout the entire body.

Did you know?

As we get older our bones lose density, and our joints stiffen and weaken. Whilst this may stop us playing football, or tennis,  through fear of exacerbating old injuries,  it doesn’t stop us swimming.

Swimming is a low impact form of exercise, as the body is supported at all times in the water. Not only that regular swimming can actually improve balance and delay the painful symptoms of arthritis.

and let’s not forget the social benefits 

Going for a swim can provide a focus for the day, as well as a fantastic way to stay healthy, and a great opportunity to meet likeminded people. Swimming is also relaxing, it’s fantastic for getting those endorphins pumping, and you will feel fitter healthier and happier after a dip in the pool.

50+ Swimming offers a relaxed lane where you can make the most of your time in the water.

Don’t forget you can also come to any General Swim time on the programme too!

50+ swimming

Swimming prices.

Please see the table below for swimming prices. If you are aged 60+ in receipt of DWP, have a disability or receive low income, you may be entitled to a concession card. Ask reception about this next time you visit.