Clubbercise ®

Dance the day away!

Clubbercise® is a fun, full body workout! Enjoy some banging soundtracks whilst achieving great results. One session burns around 600 calories!

The routines combine dance, toning and combat moves with options to suit all fitness levels. is all about having fun and dancing to great dance hits in an atmosphere unlike any other. You will dance your way fitness, move to the beat and shake your glow sticks … all in the dark!

“Clubbercise” is a one of kind. You feel like you’re having a party not exercising! No need to be worried about it being your first time or struggling with lack of confidence as the class takes place in the dark with only disco lights, plus you have a pair of glow sticks too! This class really is for everybody, great music, fantastic atmosphere & most of all so much fun!”

– Lifestyle Consultant at Skegness Pool & Fitness Suite

Available at:

  • Station Sports Centre, Mablethorpe:
    Thursdays at 7:15pm
  • Skegness Pool & Fitness Suite:
    Mondays & Wednesdays at 7pm



Please see the table below for class prices: