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Children and Young People

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Keeping young ones entertained, especially when you’re stuck at home, can be difficult at times.

You want to ensure they get enough exercise throughout the day, but you also want it to be fun and engaging.

Magna Vitae is here to help you get the most fun out of keeping active at home, so read on for some great tips and advice!

1) Have a routine

Children exercise better when they know what’s coming and when. Set aside some time each day to do your exercising.

Just before breakfast is a good time, and then you can treat yourselves to some yummy food afterward!

2) Do it together

You may feel that you don’t have time to exercise with your children every day, but it’s so important that you do. Children are more engaged and focused when a parent is doing it alongside them.

Take it in turns with your partner, or change the form of exercise each day to keep things interesting for all of you. Maybe do a Joe Wicks video one day, then hula hooping the next, then some yoga, and so on…

3) Older Children

It can be hard to motivate teens into exercising at home, so you may have to get creative!

Check out Instagram and Tik Tok for active challenges doing the rounds, such as Tik Tok dances and keepy-uppy challenges for football fans. They can also check out their favourite celebrities and see what they are doing to keep active while at home.

4) Have fun!

Exercising shouldn’t become a chore. If there’s too much pressure on you and your family to do it, it can become a stress, rather than a stress reliever!

If you don’t manage to do your routine one day, don’t worry. Have a day off, chill out and relax instead, and pick it up the next day. Even doing some light stretches is better than nothing, so go at your own pace.

Sports and Games

For those able to get outside occasionally, having some help to plan out sports and games is fantastic.

The Youth Sport Trust also provides excellent virtual sports sessions for children during school closures.

Keep Calm and Have Fun!

Remember, exercising with kids should be fun, so keep it light and relaxed

If you don’t exercise every day, don’t worry!

Mix it up – try different things so it doesn’t become boring.

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