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Be like Trina and beat pain

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Trina Bree was always a swimmer – until she stepped into the gym, and now she is an addict! So keen is Trina that in one 55-day period, she only missed four days at Horncastle’s Fitness Suite.

But there is a reason behind Trina’s obsession – and that is to beat true pain, which rages if she fails to exercise. Three years ago, after 12 months of pain, the 45-year-old mum was diagnosed as suffering from fibromyalgia syndrome.

“I was in an awful lot of pain in many areas of the body. For example, my knees would be dreadful, and it would only take a walk to cause it. It also affected my back, shoulders, hips, fingers and even toes,” explains Trina.

After her diagnosis, Trina researched the condition and started swimming as a way of relieving the pain. It worked, and so she decided to move to the gym, where Lifestyle Consultant Richard Milburn devised a special programme.

“Richard understood that it was important to devise me a programme that did not cause overstress, as that can cause the condition to flare up. It has proved excellent and I love it here.

“In fact on the days I don’t exercise here, I can feel very stiff and I am told I can also be a bit moody,” adds Trina, who now even challenges her teenage son James to muscle comparisons.

“I have the larger calf muscles, but I can’t beat his biceps,” she laughs!

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