Everyone has motivation to improve their mental health and wellbeing. Whether this be to be more active, go swimming once a week, workout in the gym twice a week, learn to run 5K, tone up, build muscle or to lose weight. Magna Vitae has something for everyone, for all ages and abilities!

So what is your motivation to move more and dive straight in?

Join Magna Vitae and you can enjoy full access to our fitness suites, swimming pools and group exercise classes as part of our monthly membership at no extra cost.

Magna Vitae is a community trust, helping you to live a great life.

Memberships with Magna Vitae

Memberships include unlimited access to the gym, swimming pools and exercise classes.

We spoke to a number of people who gave their top five reasons for their motivation to do some form of exercise:

  1. Mind-set  |  Changing your mind-set to view it as an essential, positive component of your self-care.
  2. Goals  | Setting simple goals is the key to turning your good fitness intentions into a lifestyle change.
  3. Schedule  |  Having some kind of daily to-do list or schedule to follow. Is exercise on it? It should be.
  4. Friends  |  Workout with friends or family helps to motivate you to attend but also to help provide some friendly rivalry and motivation.
  5. FUN!  |  Finding what exercise you enjoy helps to motivate you to continue to workout. Whether this be a class, swim or gym session.

Personal Programme Review

Would you like to find your motivation? Book your personal programme review with a Lifestyle Consultant today.