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Tim Never Fails to Deliver!

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Tim Never Fails to Deliver!

Tim, 70, had started to feel the effects of 48 years’ service as a postman, when he hit retirement back in 2017. It was only when he bumped into an old colleague, who had suggested that he started swimming after hearing of his back problems, that he looked to joining Magna Vitae’s Meridian Leisure Centre in Louth.

Despite being petrified of the deep end, Tim put on a brave face and hit the swimming pool. On seeing positive results, he had committed to coming twice a week and made two friends at the pool, who helped him to overcome his fear and build up the courage to swim to the deep end. Improvements to both his physical back problems, but also his mental well-being kept Tim on his fitness journey at Magna Vitae. 

When you walk through those automatic doors, you’re starting a new you, a new self, a new life and when you do it, how far you go depends on you. I want to go as far as possible and if Magna Vitae want to help me, I’m all for it. 

Tim’s fitness journey developed further in early 2023 when chatting to Sammy, a Magna Vitae Lifestyle Consultant, who suggested using the gym to build up strength in his shoulder and back muscles too. Despite initial apprehensions, Tim now has a specially made work-out programme that enables him to confidently use the gym equipment correctly and to his benefit. Tim said that Sammy has “helped him out immensely”. He went on to say that his time spent at Magna Vitae, the friends he has made, and the help of the staff, has all helped him to “feel younger”. To top it all off, he has also joined a Pilates class, where he comes with his friends from the pool and has a laugh with the instructors. He even loves to show off his new Pilates moves to Reception!

He describes it as, “fun, and that’s how exercise should be!”   

“There is a team here who has really boosted my energy levels, and WOW I feel like a little superman…it’s only the landing bit I need to work on!” 

Tim not only never fails to deliver, he never fails to keep us all smiling. You may recognise him from the Louth Christmas Market where he was convinced by his friends, from Meridian Leisure Centre, to dress up as an elf! Or, you will have seen him dressed up as an elf in our venue with Receptionist Steph! Tim is always keen to get involved and you are always sure to have a giggle along the way.  

Thank you, Tim, for sharing your story with the team at Magna Vitae! 

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