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‘Love is in the Air’ at Magna Vitae

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‘Love is in the air’ this Valentine’s Day, and here at Magna Vitae, we are celebrating some of the wonderful couples that enjoy our facilities, together!

Discover the power of partnerships as we delve into why fitness can be better together! Research shows that couples who exercise together not only have a stronger bond but also experience greater success in reaching their fitness goals. Studies indicate that 94% of couples stick to their fitness routines when they work out together, compared to only 43% who go solo. Additionally, 87% of couples report feeling more satisfied with their relationship when they engage in physical activity together. Keep reading as we shine a spotlight on some of our power couples that back up these statistics! 

Firstly, meet Kevin and Julie!

They moved to the local area in September 2022, and wanted to improve their fitness and general well-being. They did not know the area, or anyone who lived there, and so decided to check out our venue, Horncastle Pool & Fitness Suite, which was their nearest centre, to see what their options were!

They told us,

“After being shown the facilities and speaking to the friendly and informative staff members, we decided to join, particularly in view of the good size swimming pool and well equipped gym. From the variety of membership options we found one that suited our planned exercise regime and budget. We had made the important first step to fitness!”


They started their fitness journey together by booking into the lane or general swim sessions, and then followed on with an introduction to the gym. We were glad to hear Kevin and Julie tell us,

“We felt comfortable and at ease in the gym and in the pool. We found that both being booked or scheduled to swim provided encouragement to each of us, and there was no more “not going”, “not feeling like it”. One spurred the other on. It worked really well!”


Kevin and Julie then expanded their exercise routine and tried new and different things: they joined Aquacise, and then Aqua-circuits, and then tried their hand at Circuit training, Pilates, and LIIT. They now have a full routine, covering 6 days a week, and they thoroughly enjoy everything. They are seeing results, not only in their stamina and ability, but also in their overall health. Their cholesterol levels have dropped significantly, and they are now able to do so much more, and have more energy, enthusiasm and confidence to take on more challenges.

One of the “surprising” benefits of their membership is the friends they have made who are also members and who they now attend classes with. Their ever growing circle of friends provides a great support network for each of them. Their friendships are now also taken beyond our venue, where they frequently meet up and celebrate birthdays, have outings, or informal get togethers, even just a quick coffee.

Kevin and Julie’s final reflection,

“Our lives are certainly enriched by this very special group of friends. We are both delighted to be members at Magna Vitae Horncastle. We feel we have found a place where we feel accepted. It has become our Happy Place.

Next up is Des and Susie!

Susie and Des enjoy our centre in Louth, Meridian Leisure Centre, together!

You can often find them both battling it out in the Sports Hall where they enjoy playing Pickleball.  Des and Susie tell us,
“We like all racket sports and have had a go at most over the years, currently pickleball is a favourite. Its such fun and we would recommend this to anyone of any age and fitness.”
Not heard of Pickleball?  Pickleball is described by Pickleball England as a “fun sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. Played both indoors or outdoors on a badminton-sized court and a slightly modified tennis net. Two or four players use solid paddles made of wood or composite materials to hit a perforated polymer ball, over a net”. You can enjoy Pickleball as part of your membership! If you book a court in our Sports Hall on the day, it is completely FREE! We also provide all of the equipment. Why not give it a go, you may even see Des and Susie on the next court! 
When they are enjoying sports together, Susie’s competitive spirit often takes the lead! Des informs us,
“Susie is much more competitive than me although we do like to challenge each other. A quiet walk in the countryside will often turn into a race with neither admitting they are racing as we both dip at the garden gate. Even the dog does it now.”
As an avid sports enthusiasts, they thrive on challenges not only in our venues, but outside our venue too, often taking their passion for sports abroad to explore new adventures and conquer new athletic feats!
“Our preferred together sport is cycling. We have completed many challenges over the years, including London to Paris in 24 hours, most of the Tour de France climbs and cycling sportives around the country and Europe. Spinning classes help with the cycling particularly in the winter months and its a easy thing to do together.”
In terms of how they motivate each other, Des and Susie have this covered and use their competitive streak to keep each other going.
“We try to avoid ‘secret training’ which is our code for going without me. There is always one of us that is on a good day and hopefully that’s the challenge for the other to keep up and get the kit on again, even when its cold and wet.”

Thank you to our power couples for sharing their stories!

We hope you are feeling inspired. Why not enquire about our memberships today and help keep each other motivated?

There is no better way to fall in love with fitness than TOGETHER.

Fall in love with fitness this Valentine's Day!

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