Once you have watched the required venue introduction video below, please click on the Join Now button, where you will be taken through to the Join at Home portal. 

Once on the portal you will click on Memberships option then on the next page click on Fitness Memberships. Here there are numerous memberships available depending on the venue you have selected. Please be aware you will need to pay a pro rota payment, this means there will be an amount to pay before your first direct debit is taken from your bank account. The system will work this out for you and confirm the amount to pay when you sign up. If you need to sign a child up for one of our memberships, you will need to provide your parental consent first with the venues in order to do this, once this has been completed you can join them up using their login details.

If you are a student, you will need to provide proof by emailing us at info@mvtlc.org before you can use the venues.


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Payments are taken in Pound (GBP) Sterling.

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If you haven’t been to one of our Magna Vitae venues and would like to join us to use the fitness suite, please watch the introduction video relating to the venue you would like to join below: