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It’s a Family Affair!

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Meet the Seagroatt family.

Brian (54), Rebecca (40), Henry (12), Madeleine (11) and Annabelle (8). Since Magna Vitae venue in Louth opened, over 14 years ago, Brian and Rebecca have been dedicated supporters, watching it evolve alongside their family, with the children growing up within our walls. So much so, it could be considered as their second home! 

Brian was a member of the Meridian Leisure Centre for many years, enjoying swimming and the gym, but unfortunately due to health reasons, he had to take a step back. However, he is very much a friendly face around the venue, always popping in to drop off and watch his children swimmingRebecca regularly attends and enjoys our Back to Netball sessions! As a former competitor, she knows a thing or two about the thrill of the game... Now, she’s enjoying playing with a friendly group of women, without the pressures of being in a league. But who knows what the future may hold? The Back to Netball group continues to grow in numberswith the ladies attending continuously improving (and getting more competitive!) 

However, it’s the Seagroatt children who really steal the show! Their journey at Magna Vitae has been massively shaped by the WaterWise Swimming Programme. 

“The biggest thing goes down to the grounding they got in WaterWise, learning the techniques and swimming strokes.” 

They have all progressed through WaterWise and loved every minute (and Annabelle still does!) They have been lucky enough to have been taught by nearly all the teachers at Meridian Leisure Centre and have progressed swimmingly with all of them. During this time, they have gained invaluable water confidence and essential skills, laying the foundation for their success in the water. Most importantly, it is their enjoyment which has been a massive part of their success, and it has played a vital role in igniting their passion for competitive swimming. It all started with eldest child, Henry, as Brian tells us, 

“We started with him as a baby coming to the baby groups (Ducklings) right from the word go! That then progressed further into the Learn to Swim Stages. He was then talent spotted by teacher, Nicki, saying we should look at Dolphins when he is old enough. The same thing happened with Maddie!” 

As their children flourished within our venue, Brian and Rebecca never anticipated that competitive swimming would become part of their journey. As Brian reflects, 

“It was really always a goal of mine to get my kids to swim early. Because obviously it is a massive life-skill, not to see any competitive swimming as the end goal, but just to have it as a skill.”

All the children are now swimming with Louth Swimming Club, known as Dolphins, who are based here at Meridian Leisure Centre. The club have over 190 members and pride themselves on giving children the opportunity to reach their full potential, both individually and as a team. It is a fantastic club which is run completely by volunteers. They help children to swim competitively but also build sportsmanship and self-esteem. As Brian admits, 

“You have to be disciplined and dedicated to be competing at the higher level.”  

The children are going from strength to strength at Louth Swimming Club, with Henry being in the Performance squad, which is the top squad, and being one of the youngest to get into it! He is now regularly making County times and last year he made Regionals and got through to the 50m finals. 

“This was a brilliant result for him. To say he is one of the top 8 in region, is just great for him!” 

Maddie is currently second in the county, for 50m freestyle, after a really close final at the recent Counties. They’ve both just been to counties making lots of finals and achieving personal bests which is a sign they are improving.  

Annabelle is currently in Stage 9 WaterWise swimming lessons and has recently completed her 1500m Rainbow Distance badge. She has also now started at Louth Swimming Club in their beginner squad, Pods Squad. Brian and Rebecca are hopeful that she will then go on to compete when she is old enough. He comments that, 

“She is desperate to compete like her brother and sister! She is probably the most determined out of the two, so we will see! It could be an interesting next few years, that is for sure!” 


The commitment of the Seagroatt parents cannot be overstated, as they consistently prioritise their children’s swimming pursuits with early morning drop offs, late night training sessions – even travelling to and from events at weekends. I think we can all agree, they are going to need a VERY big trophy cabinet for all those medals that keep flooding in!  

One thing is clear, it’s all about having fun and staying active – something we’re all about here at Magna Vitae. There is no better way to do it than together, as a family.  



To find out more about Louth Swimming Club, check out their website, here!



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