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Glenda’s Story

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“I always thought my health condition meant I couldn’t do anything.”

Glenda’s story

Glenda was widowed several years ago, she lives in an isolated location and is the main support for her son who has mental health difficulties.

Unfortunately in late 2020, Glenda suffered an injury to her groin, and this restricted her movement, which led to Glenda putting on a lot of weight, which in turn caused Glenda to suffer from low self esteem, and she was at risk of depression.

Glenda was referred onto the MOVE programme in April 2021, and subsequently joined the Fitness Food and Friends Group, receiving a FREE Fit Kit from Magna Vitae which included resistance bands, to allow Glenda to join in with the gentle exercises.

Magna Vitae also re introduced Glenda into a learning environment. Glenda loves to Garden, she finds the environment very peaceful, and Magna Vitae were able to introduce Glenda to to the Eco centre and Storehouse, where she was able to meet volunteers and discuss adult learning opportunities.

Glenda is thoroughly enjoying her classes with Magna Vitae, her health is improving as is her confidence and self-esteem. Glenda is now happier, and recognising she has a future.

“I can’t believe how quickly things have turned around, I had no idea of the possibilities open to me, I felt nothing could happen for me, until I got myself together.”

Glenda has now started volunteering at Eco Centre and Storehouse, and is speaking with Lincs Digital to support the development of her IT skills.

With a small investment form MOVE and excellent partnership working with Magna Vitae she is going to be a valued volunteer and hopefully ready to return to the workplace/ Adult learning in a few months’ time.

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