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Every Child Can Make a Splash: Hettie’s Story

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We can all agree that swimming is a fundamental life skill.

But, for most, learning to swim is a daunting prospect. Even more so for those who have disabilities or additional needs. This can often lead to feeling excluded from opportunities, leading to feeling singled out or pushed to the side without their needs being listened to... But, here at Magna Vitae, we make it our mission to embrace change; keep learning; and celebrate differences.  

We met up with Hettie and her Mum, Laura, so they could share their experiences with our swimming lessons. Our one-to-one swimming lessons are a great option for developing the skills of those that need a little extra support in the water. Our teachers have an invaluable wealth of knowledge and together we are breaking down barriers to ensure that every child can make a splash.  Hettie is 11 years old and has a rare neuro-muscular disorder, with associated low muscle tone and hyper mobile joints, but at present this is still undiagnosed. Laura comments,                  

“Despite this, she is a very active girl, with a zest for life and a strong sense that she and others with disabilities should be able to access the same activities as able-bodied people.” 

Laura had originally tried group swimming lessons but found that Hettie was not building her confidence or getting the individual support she needed. After gaining advice from Louth Swimming Club, she reached out to us and enquired about our one-to-one swimming lessons. Customisation is key! Our teachers provide lessons tailored to each swimmer’s unique needs, whilst allowing extra support and observation within every one-to-one lesson! 

“We feel Louth Magna Vitae is fully accessible for Hettie, both in terms of the changing rooms, shower facility and the pool.”  

Since switching to one-to-one lessons, Hettie has been going from strength to strength! Recently, she managed to achieve her 50 metres distance badge AND her Stage 5 Learn to Swim award, all to Swim England standard! Hettie loves being in the pool, in her words… 

 “My disability disappears when I’m in water.” 

Families are not just witnessing their loved ones learn to swim; They are experiencing a transformation in their confidence and independence! We are all about embracing the water as a safe space for everyone. Thanks to the support from Magna Vitae (and particularly our One-to-One Co-ordinator, Sharon) as a team we are MAKING A SPLASH that resonates far beyond the pool…

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