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Every Child Can Make a Splash: Elise’s Story

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We can all agree that swimming is a fundamental life skill.

But, for most, learning to swim is a daunting prospect. Even more so for those who have disabilities or additional needs. This can often lead to feeling excluded from opportunities, leading to feeling singled out or pushed to the side without their needs being listened to... But, here at Magna Vitae, we make it our mission to embrace change; keep learning; and celebrate differences.  

We met up with Elise and her Mum, Angela. Elise is described by her mum as “very sporty”, always challenging herself to do her best. Elise takes part in both our Magna Vitae Gymnastics programme and WaterWise programme, along with additional one-to-one swimming lessons. However, something Elise has really struggled with is meeting and engaging with new people…  

Angela says, 

“In swimming lessons, I have to sit by the side of the pool whilst she swims. She struggles with her social communication and social anxiety, I think she is on the autistic spectrum; however, this is ongoing and awaiting specialist review”  

This has proved challenging, especially as Elise has had to get used to different swim teachers… But the skills and confidence she has gained from taking part in these groups, has meant that she is adapting to changes much better, breaking down her own barriers! Elise has quite literally put herself ‘in the deep end’ and admiringly challenges herself consistently! She is now in Stage 7 group lessons, where last week she passed the 400m distance badge to Swim England standards!  

“Elise just loves her time in the water, even just having giggles and splashing, it is great to see. It has actually had a massive impact on my wellbeing too. It makes going in the pool so much easier!” 

Families are not just witnessing their loved ones learn to swim; They are experiencing a transformation in their confidence and independence! We are all about embracing the water as a safe space for everyone. Thanks to the support from Magna Vitae (and particularly our One-to-One Co-ordinator, Sharon) as a team we are MAKING A SPLASH that resonates far beyond the pool…

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