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Dive In: It Is Never Too Late!

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Dive In: Adult Swimming Lessons Prove It Is Never Too Late

Have you ever gazed at the water, longing to conquer its depths, but hesitated because you thought you missed the boat on learning to swim? Well, it is time to toss those reservations overboard and dive into the world of Adult Swimming Lessons – where age is just a number.

In a recent Netflix feature, the legendary Diana Nyad highlighted the power of determination, and that age should never be a limiting factor. Nyad’s incredible journey of swimming from Cuba to Florida, at the age of 64, highlighted the idea that it is never too late to pursue your aquatic dreams!

We sat down with some of the marvellous members of our Adult Swimming Lesson Programme at Meridian Leisure Centre, whilst they enjoyed their weekly coffee catch-up, in our café, after their lessons.

Besides the physical benefits of swimming, such as improved cardiovascular health and increased mobility, the mental and emotional rewards are equally significant. Michael, who attends with his wife Judy, a complete beginner, tells us:

“The water is tremendous exercise for the joints. We are all seniors, I do not think anyone would be offended if I say that, but it is the best possible exercise!”

A common theme that echoed throughout was how the lessons provide them with a social group. They are all now great friends, which applies beyond the pool too! Sheila, who has just celebrated her 80th birthday, shared:

“I could swim but needed a social group when I moved to Lincolnshire. We come swimming on a Thursday for the over 50’s swim and tell so many people that they need to join the adult lessons as they are great fun! They give you so much confidence.”

Ruairidh, a retired Headmaster commented:

“It is very good value as you also get free swimming too. The teachers do very well as they have a big variation of abilities within the groups, so it is quite challenging. But they do very well”

Whether you are a beginner or looking to refine your technique, our Adult Swimming Lesson Programme caters to all levels, fostering a supportive environment for individuals who are ready to make the splash. Sylvia’s wise words to those thinking of joining are:

 “Just go for it!”

So, what are you waiting for? Take the plunge and enrol in our Adult Swimming Lessons today! Channel your inner Nyad, break through the surface, and discover the joy of swimming. (But do not worry, we will not be expecting you to swim from Cuba to Florida!)

Adult swimming lessons at Magna Vitae are available at Horncastle Pool & Fitness Suite, Meridian Leisure Centre and Skegness Pool & Fitness Suite. Contact the team by emailing to find out when our lessons take place. Or, you can sign-up online!

Dive In!

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