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The ‘closed’ season

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After the euphoria of Aladdin – The Pantomime Spectacular, it could prove difficult to follow such an occasion with anything else… but follow it we will.

The New Year festivities saw the annual Janice Sutton ‘Holiday Magic’ Spectacular take centre stage – a space her productions have occupied for some thirty plus years. A dance spectacular if ever there was one! With Janice having packed up her costumes and the stage now emptied, it is time for one of the most important periods of the year – and we don’t even have any shows!

Every venue needs a spot of tender loving care and this one is always very carefully polished. After the final performance of Holiday Magic on 2nd January, the stage was stripped and the seats have all been neatly folded away. Whilst everyone else is busy finishing off the Christmas chocolate and finding room for one more nearly out-of-date mince pie, the technical team move in and start their annual inspections. As you can imagine, there are quite a lot of lights and pieces of sound equipment in a venue like this and whilst it may appear just a little dull to those on the outside, our enthusiastic technical wizards are inside the Embassy Theatre, hard at it ensuring every bulb, cable, microphone and speaker are all painstakingly cleaned, examined and then put back together so when we start the new season, everything is working in tip-top condition. Not even the glitterball escapes you know.

There are just over 1,000 seats in this magnificent venue and every single one of these will be checked and cleaned to ensure that it is ready for the first bums on seats on Friday 16th February. There will be no stone left unturned in our quest to ensure that the first audience that enters for the opening night production will not just have a shiny glitterball to look at! Attention to detail matters to everyone here at the theatre and it isn’t just the auditorium that gets some well needed maintenance.

Our front of house team are also hard at work at this time of year. It’s not a case of just selling tickets. After the pantomime, a rather sizeable quantity of Aladdin branding needed removing and marketing material for the forthcoming season gets hung up in abundance – check out the foyer for yourself, we have some cracking shows coming up in 2018.

An annual stock take needs to be completed with every bottle, bag, cup, knife and plate counted to ensure that we have everything we need to cope with the influx of visitors come mid-February. Everything is all completed with a spring in our step – this is a special place where dreams come true (see our Aladdin blog) and therefore everyone wants to make sure that nothing is left untouched. We are rather excited about the forthcoming season and we hope you are too.

Over the course of early February, our brand spanking, new and rather shiny What’s On guide will be distributed to thousands of people throughout the district. This 24 page brochure will provide you with all you need to know about which amazing productions and stars will grace the Embassy Theatre stage from February 16th . Producing a booklet like this is no easy feat – many hours are spent honing the design, proof reading the pages and making sure every single show gets the column inches they each rightfully deserve. Make sure you pick up your copy so you can spend an evening highlighting all of the shows that will bring you through the doors of this wonderful theatre in 2018.

They are all shows that are worthy of a place here and they all highlight that this venue has a deserved reputation as the premier entertainment venue on the East Coast. Find our more by visiting our website or following us on social media.
Tel: 01507 613100
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