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Supporter Stories – Isobel

/ Leisure

Isobel moved to Mablethorpe to retire 6 years ago. She has had ongoing difficulties with her health and fitness for many years including suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, and couldn’t walk from her house to the beach without being out of breath.

She joined Magna Vitae at Station Sports Centre and has been working through the personal programme that they developed for her. Nurses are amazed at the improvements in her fitness levels, joints and general health since joining Station Sports Centre, and she is certainly feeling the benefits.

I dread to think what would have happened if I had not joined Magna Vitae and Station Sports Centre gym, even though I was terrified at the thought of doing the exercises. I know my body likes it and it certainly tells! Had I not done exercise, had I not done what I am doing, had I not lost the weight, would have mostly likely been in a wheelchair by now.

 “I lay my gym clothes out every evening and I get up early in the morning. Within 10 minutes of being on the treadmill, listening to music that I like and meeting up with people I feel 100% better.” 

“When you come to a gym, you mix with other people of all sorts of ages and you make friends. Go out and have a coffee sometimes, the staff here are very supportive, there’s lots of information to read. I just recommend that people come along and just try it.”

I’ve got a lot of life to live. I didn’t work all my live, to retire and be unfit and unwell. Just because you’re getting older it doesn’t mean that life stops. You can get fit, you can meet other people and you can improve your life. Just keep yourself as fit as you can.

Issie wants other people to reap the same benefits that she has seen through exercise. She has recently helped to set up Come Walking sessions at Station Sports Centre.  These low-intensity walking sessions are designed to encourage people who are less active and have limited mobility, to start getting moving and raising their fitness.

Why not join Issie, Station Sports Centre and the rest of Magna Vitae at Walkathon for GIST? A charity event that Issie has set up to raise money for GIST support UK, a charity which helps and supports those with Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumours.

The Walkathon will be held on the astroturf at Station Sports Centre, Mablethorpe on Saturday 17th June 12-2pm.

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