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It can be really hard to motivate yourself to exercise at home at the moment, especially when the weather isn’t that great. But keeping fit is not only great for your body, but it can help chase away those mental blues as well.

Staying active at home is easier than you might think. You don’t have to have a home gym, or even a lot of specialist equipment – just some space and some time.

Your Space

Most kinds of exercise require a bit of space, even gentle ones like yoga or pilates, so clear out an area that you can comfortably move in.

Preferably, anywhere with some natural sunlight is a good idea, and somewhere quiet so you can concentrate – not always easy when you’re at home, so just do your best!

Your Time

One big advantage of exercising at home is that you can do it when it suits you. You don’t have to wait for a gym to open if it’s in your living room!

Exercise at a time that works for you – you might prefer a morning workout before getting started for the day, or a late afternoon session to wind down after a long day – the choice is yours.

Your Favourite

Pick a form of exercise you enjoy – this stops it from becoming boring and hard work. You might even want to do a mixture of activities in order to keep your week interesting.

There are so many resources available online to help you find something that will get you moving, and that you find enjoyable. After all, if you’re not having fun, you won’t want to keep it up!

Movement is Sport

Join the Movement is Sport England’s new campaign to inspire people to stay fit. It offers a wealth of trusted information about how to keep active during this time.

Share what you’re doing using #StayInWorkOut. The website also includes exclusive offers and workouts from content providers such as Les Mills on Demand, Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) and FiiT.



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