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Feeding Memories Sessions are a great hit with residents in Sutton on Sea

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‘Feeding Memories’ is a project delivered by our very own Marko Humphries and we recently visited Dolton Court Care Home, Sutton on Sea, Mablethorpe to see it in action.

Feeding Memories

This session ran by Magna Vitae works with elderly and dementia residents using food nostalgia to help them remember past times. Marko uses food packaging, smells and taste to help them recall and reminisce, allowing them to share their individual, inspiring stories with the group.

The session allows residents to use different senses to elicit often childhood memories and goes beyond their knowledge memory enabling them to share their wonderful stories. Marko explained; ‘The emotional memory of the brain is also where ‘smell sense’ in located, so I like to speak and show them images of food but also their smell often connects to their emotional memory leading to do a positive, past time.’

A 92 year old resident, after missing her hair appointment explained, ‘this man is really interesting; I want to hear what he has to say.’ Marko was later informed that this particular resident is very often disengaged with social activities and spends her evenings alone, often upset.

Other residents don’t usually speak or interact with new people but through these sessions, their carers have seen an improvement in their general wellbeing, and many patients have become less agitated. The room was filled with interest and engagement and plenty of great stories were shared. Residents are even able to recall the session up to 2 weeks later and families have great enjoyment hearing their loved ones recall what they have been doing in these sessions.

‘Feeding Memories’ opens up memories and allows residents to share stories we may have never known – it was great to be a part of this session. Look out for our ‘Feeding Memories’ Magna Vitae sessions in the New Year.

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