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Unlocking Strength and Confidence: Personal Training at Magna Vitae

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The gym can be an intimidating place, especially for those taking their first steps into the world of fitness. The weights The unfamiliar machines, and the fear of judgment can often deter even the most confident individuals. Despite being a long-time member, Pam, 72, found herself in this very predicament. BUT! With the guidance of Lizi, a Lifestyle Consultant at Magna Vitae, she bravely embarked on her very own journey that totally transformed her relationship with the gym.  

Pam has enjoyed our facilities since we opened, even enjoying swimming at our previous swimming pool in Louth. In recent years, Pam has tried new classes such as Pilates and Yoga on top of her swimming routine… However, with her mobility struggles from her osteoporosis, she felt that it was the right time to challenge herself! Pam’s goals were clear: to enhance overall strength and prepare for an upcoming holiday to Thailand, to see her family.

Pam confesses, 

“I’ve always hated the gym. I needed that kick.”  

She took a brave leap and booked in for a Personal Training session. Pam mentioned that she personally felt that if she had initially booked in for a gym Introduction, she would not have motivated herself to keep coming. By booking and paying for some Personal Training sessions – there’d be no excuses!

Pam admits, 

“I then realised I was starting to enjoy it… But still needed more encouragement and motivation!” 

During Pam’s Personal Training sessions with Lizi, they worked on a personalised, full-body, strength-training programme, focusing on different exercises each week to keep things interesting!  Lizi would like to challenge Pam, finding things that she struggled with and adapting exercises so it would work for her. Under Lizi’s guidance and encouragement, Pam’s progress became evident with each and every session! Her resilience paid off as she gained strength, improved her balance – And even saw significant changes in her body composition (1kg of muscle gained & 2.6kg of fat lost) … All of which is a true testament to her dedication – and Lizi’s expertise.

Lizi proudly states…  

“Pam is reaching goals, getting stronger- And feeling it every time she comes in. She is showing everyone her results from the BodyTrax machine! She’s even going home and talking to her friends about it.” 

Together, Pam and Lizi’s workouts were never dull… Lizi consistently switched things up for Pam, with varied exercises, specifically tailored to her needs. The two laughed, pushed boundaries – And had a good ‘chin wag’ along the way!  

Beyond the physical gains, Pam’s confidence around the gym increased and soared! She now ventures into the gym on her own after her classes – something she claims she would have never done before.

Pam speaks very fondly of her experience with Lizi, 

“She is great, I’ve loved working with her. She’s motivational. It is because of her I keep coming!” 

Pam defies stereotypes and now enjoys the gym, all thanks to her inspiring journey with her Lifestyle Consultant, Lizi.  

As Pam prepares for her adventure to Thailand, (which Lizi hoped she might fit in her suitcase for!) she carries with her, a newfound sense of strength and possibilities! Pam’s journey isn’t just about personal triumph; It’s about inspiring others to step out of their comfort zone and take that leap of faith.

Her advice is simple, yet powerful 

“Give it a go. Get a Personal Trainer. I can’t recommend it enough. If I can do it… So can others!

Are you curious about booking in with one of our personal trainers?

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It’s time to push your limits and unlock your full potential.

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