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Unforgettable Student Experiences at Magna Vitae

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This week, Magna Vitae held work experience for Year 10 students from Louth Academy. We also welcomed students from Young People’s Learning Provision and Linkage. They worked in different areas of our Louth venue, Meridian Leisure Centre, from Monday 3rd to Friday 7th June.   

While with us, the students shadowed different staff members to learn the different roles around the venue and what it’s like to be in a professional work environment. They learnt what to do in different areas such as: poolside (lifeguarding), reception, exercise classes, cleaning and even marketing! Maddie, who has experienced a range of areas during her time with us (including the less glamorous tasks of unblocking toilets!) comments,  

“Everyone has been very supportive and caring during my time at Magna Vitae, while showing me what goes on in their jobs and the bits that most people don’t get to see. Gabby, Holly and Izzy (Leisure Attendants) have particularly brought me out of my shell and improved my confidence.” 

The work experience students took a brave dive into something new and unfamiliar to them. They pushed themselves out of their comfort zones and it has helped them believe more that they have the confidence to approach different situations. During their time with us, we watched the pupils grow rapidly in confidence and encouraged them to ask any questions they might have. Theo, who hopes to work for himself in the future, was particularly impressed with how willing staff were to answer his questions. 

He told us, 

“Staff have been honest and open with us. They answered all the questions we asked them, and you can tell they really cared about what they told us. Toby particularly gave me advice about setting up my own business in the future.”  

One of the work experience students, Nicole, was based in marketing. While she was with them, she learnt how to use different editing apps such as Canva and CapCut, how to upload and schedule posts on social media, how to capture videos and photographs, social media reporting on Meta Business Suite and much more.  

Nicole expressed, 

“The marketing team were all fun to be around and taught me lots about what it’s like to work in marketing and social media, at Magna Vitae! It was great to see what goes on behind the scenes and all the work that it involves.”  

To help them have a way to unwind, whilst improving their health, the students were given free access to the gym after their shiftsSome days were quite eye-opening, as Finley got to realise, as he witnessed a Lifeguard having to make a save. Finley reacted quickly and calmly hitting the drowning alarm, as instructed by Lifeguards to do in this situation. Finley hopes to become a Lifeguard himself soon, so he found this extremely valuable to his understanding of what the role involves and his future career aspirations.  

We hope to see both Finley, and Maddie, at our NPLQ (National Pool Lifeguard Qualification) course later in the year. They will make fantastic future lifeguards.

Lindsay Barrett, HR Manager at Magna Vitae, who organised the work experience was thrilled with their co-operation and enthusiasm.  

“We are so glad to be able to offer such a diverse range of roles for students to experience during their time with Magna Vitae. Their behaviour has been impeccable, and it has been a privilege to listen to their feedback and see them beaming with confidence and pride. Gaining work experience is crucial for students as it not only inspires their future aspirations but also helps them develop essential life skills, like communication and confidence building.”   

The students all agreed that it was not what they had expected… 

“While working around Meridian we have learnt what it’s like to be in a professional work environment and that you can still have fun! You can tell everyone who works here is very passionate and enjoys their jobs. We feel like Magna Vitae is a good place to do work experience, with all the encouragement and different opportunities they provide.” 

All teams at Magna Vitae have thoroughly enjoyed having the students around the building and hope they return, either for further work experience, or in their future careers. We look forward to welcoming more students over the next couple of months. 

Do you want to work in leisure in the future? Looking for work experience?  

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Blog written by Nicole Cook, whilst on work experience, and Sophie Browne (Content Creator).  


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