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Talented Twins Inspiring the Next Generation

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Meet Ella & Libby! These twin sisters are Community Sports Coaches for Magna Vitae’s School’s Out!’ Holiday Programme. They’ve been instrumental in engaging young people in physical activity, reflecting the increasing representation of women in sports. Curious about their journey We wanted to catch up with them and their tutors, Gav Lofts and Lottie Soar, from Franklin College! Both Gav and Lottie spoke very passionately about their exemplary students. 

Ella and Libby’s sports journey began at the age of just two with dance lessons, later expanding to football and netball. They both now play a whole array of sports but particularly, Libby plays for the U18’s Grimsby Borough Football team and occasionally the Women’s team and Ella competes in Freestyle Disco for Mayfair Dance School. A new journey was ignited for them both whilst coaching during Secondary School at Somercotes Academy, where they were inspired by their P.E. teachers and their passion began! They recall, 

“Literally… Any Sport… We’d do it! We had a really good P.E. teachers in secondary, even in Primary and they really put the time and the effort in with us. And we thought, we really enjoyed this!” 

By Year 11, Ella and Libby were already coaching the Year 7 Netball team, highlighting their dedication to sports beyond participation at a young age!  Their competitive nature as twins has always driven them, with Ella noting,   

“Being twins – It’s like you’re always competing against each other!” 

Off the Sports field, they were involved in the ‘Girls Active’ Programme with Youth Sports Trust. Here, they worked with a mentor on trying to encourage more girls to become more active… (For instance, they gave assemblies on the barriers regarding why young girls might not want to take part in sport.) Their talents and efforts were being recognised instantly, as they were put forward for the Character and Leadership Award at the Youth Sport Trust’s Young Changemaker Awards – And out of 50,000 people around the country being entered – They won! This became a driving force in shaping their future aspirations.  

Transitioning from a small Secondary School to a larger College environment was initially daunting for the twins, as it is for most teenagers. However, their fears were quickly dispelled as they found their niche in the Franklin College Netball Team! For both Ella & Libby, joining the netball team wasn’t just about playing a sport… It opened doors to opportunities and introduced them to an entire network of like-minded students who shared their eagerness to make a difference. They said, 

“It changed everything! The people you meet and the opportunities they give you – It’s insane!” 

Despite both sharing a passion for sports, and studying Double Sport, Ella and Libby pursued slightly different academic paths, with Ella going down the English Language route and Libby, Psychology. Nevertheless, they remain bonded by their shared goal, which remained clear: to become coaches and make a positive impact on young lives. Their dedication to sports and coaching did not go unnoticed. Their mentors from Franklin College, Gavin and Lottie, identified their exceptional talent and enthusiasm! Gavin has been teaching across Primary, Secondary & Further education for the past 15 years. He also manages the Enrichment side of Franklin College, helping students with their personal and professional development. Lottie was a P.E. teacher in one school for 10 years, followed by 1 year spent coaching in New York! The two now work together, aiming to try and get as much Sport as possible introduced to, and taken part in, at the college. They recommended the twins for the Sports Leaders qualification (a 2-year course, worth half an A-Level). The girls did this and found a course where they could truly hone, improve and develop their skills even further – All whilst gaining valuable experience by working with children in local Primary Schools.  Gav told us,  

“Some things in Sports are really hard to get across – And personality is one. These two (as well as confidence…) have it in abundance! For us, going into Primary Schools to see that enthusiasm, it’s just fantastic.” 

Ella and Libby seized an opportunity, reaching out to us here at Magna Vitae to get involved with our School’s Out Programme. The School’s Out Programme is funded by East Lindsey District Council and aims to provide sports opportunities for children without nearby leisure facilities. Liam (Magna Vitae Community Development Activator) comments that, 

“Anything that gets kids off an X-Box and onto a muddy field is where we [School’s Out] come in. The girls came to us, fresh out of school, wanting to get involved – And then just hit the ground running. The passion, empathy and the professionalism is something you’d normally expect to spend a lot of time teaching. It’s extremely refreshing to have two young coaches join our team that have ‘got it’, straight away!” 

Within the programme, the twins work alongside Level 2 coaches assisting in various sports sessions, such as Golf, Netball, Football, Girls Football, Footstall, Gymnastics days, Skateboarding trips and Swimming… To name just a few! Additionally, they have obtained Level 1 Coaching certifications for Netball, Gymnastics and Football – Along with Golf Active and First Aid qualifications (all funded by Magna Vitae.) 

The pinnacle of their journey came with a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Dubai, where they were able to showcase their coaching skills and passion for sports on an international stage. Selected through their college application, they organised and led sports sessions in schools and at events, such as the Dubai Corporate Games. Their outstanding performance garnered attention from industry experts, paving the way for future global opportunities! Both Ella and Libby took pleasure in diverse experiences, including working at Dubai Mall and memorable adventures. The twins told us, 

“In the space of three days, we’d hugged a penguin, had been on a camel and held a parrot on the beach!”    

Despite their busy schedules and demanding commitments, Ella and Libby remain grounded, driven by their shared vision and unwavering support of their devoted family. Their journey serves as a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the unwavering bond between two sisters – Determined to make a difference in the world of sports.  

“Always having those good experiences and role models makes a massive difference”   

As women’s presence in sports grows, Ella and Libby’s journey highlights the importance of representation and empowerment. At the age of just 16 years – there are certainly exciting things to come from these incredibly talented and inspiring young women.  What admirable role models they will be for the next generation! 

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