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Supporter stories – Paul

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Paul was a keen football and rugby player when he was younger, and continued playing football until the age of 42 when health conditions and knee trouble forced him to retire from the sport.

Having suffered damage to his lungs from an earlier bout of pneumonia, Paul rapidly gained weight from his reduced activity. Now aged 58, Paul has had a knee replacement which has not only helped his mobility, but also inspired him to get back into exercise. He set about changing his life.

“I didn’t feel good in myself, a lot of my clothes didn’t fit properly. I realised I needed to go and do something about it and my daughter’s wedding later in the year provided the inspiration I needed.
The gym itself has become a way of life… you see these pictures of people and think that’s not me or I don’t believe that. But people can speak to me and I’d tell them it is real.
I never really dreamt I could ever do anything like what I’m doing now. I can run 5K now, no problem and completed a park run. I’d like to do a 10K or a half marathon with my daughter.”

With his goals firmly set, Paul had an eye on the year ahead. He is making great progress, and is seeing huge improvements to his weight and mobility.

Well done Paul, it has been wonderful watching your journey and we can’t wait to see you complete the half marathon!

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