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Supporter stories – Maureen

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Maureen’s story is one of true grit and determination when faced with physical challenges – we couldn’t be prouder of everything she has achieved.

5 years ago, when Maureen underwent a routine operation, complications arose which resulted in the loss of part of her right leg. Since the removal of her lower leg, from just above the knee, reduced mobility has led Maureen to a battle with her weight and a generally less active lifestyle. That changed this summer, when on the advice of her doctor, she started swimming.

Starting exercise wasn’t easy for Maureen. She knew she could swim, but the loss of part of her leg had affected her balance and buoyancy in the water. Having to re-learn her balance and adjust to these changes was difficult, and Maureen was very nervous to begin with.

In the first session Maureen was only able to swim 2 lengths and admits this was very challenging. However this didn’t deter her and she resolved to continue and improve. Every day that she swam she increased the number of lengths that she completed.

Needing assistance to enter and exit the pool and having to stay close to the edge in case she lost her balance was unsettling to begin with, but Maureen explained that with help from the staff at Embassy Swimming Pool, this soon became just another part of the routine.

Maureen 1mile swim
Maureen 1mile swim

On Friday 19th August 2016 Maureen completed 64 lengths of the Embassy Swimming Pool, and so achieved her One Mile Swim that she had been aiming for. Absolutely thrilled, Maureen couldn’t wait to get home to share her news with her family and friends.

Maureen has used this challenge as a springboard to regaining a healthier lifestyle. She has lost over 3lbs through her swimming and is feeling so much better than earlier in the year. Now she is overcoming some of her other mobility issues. We are all delighted to hear Maureen’s story and look forward to keeping updated with the next chapter.

Everyone at Embassy Swimming Pool is overjoyed at Maureen’s achievements. Swim teacher Mark Bailey presented Maureen with her One Mile Swim certificate, and had this to say:

“For anyone to swim a mile is a fantastic achievement but for Maureen this has been an epic challenge. She has shown true determination and commitment during each swim session going further each time to eventually reach her goal of 64 lengths (1mile) Maureen is a true inspiration to anyone who is wanting to get back to exercising and she has proved that whatever life throws at you, you can still exercise and keep yourself active.  The staff have encouraged Maureen during her sessions and from everyone at the Embassy Pool a massive well done. Next stop 2 miles Maureen!”

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