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Supporter Stories – Martin

/ Health & Fitness

Before starting his exercise programme, Martin weighed in at over 19st and had seen a decline in his overall health. He was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure. Medical professionals advised Martin to act soon as his blood pressure had become so high that it could soon start to affect his sight and other extremities if it wasn’t brought under control. This was a wake up call, as not only did Martin have his own health and future to consider, but he also acted as full-time carer to his mum and needed to support his family too.

“At that point in my life I was thinking to myself, why am I here? I was laying in the ward surrounded by older people and thinking about how others need the beds – I shouldn’t be here.”

3 years ago, in March 2014, Martin joined Magna Vitae at Station Sports Centre, Mablethorpe and set about improving his health and weight through an exercise referral programme.

“Weight-loss is a long road, but all the benefits are so worth it. People want to do it as quickly as they can through some magic diet or magic exercise (if that exists). Just stick at it and make it a long-term lifestyle change.”

As well as benefiting from improving his health, he also enjoys the social aspect of fitness and is getting to know plenty of people at Station Sports Centre.

“We are all different abilities and at stages and here for different reasons, there’s older and younger people… but everyone respects you for trying!”

Martin’s diabetes and blood pressure is now under control and his confidence has grown hugely. He has become a keen runner and aims to complete his first full marathon in Mablethorpe this October.

“Forwards and onwards so to speak as I’m not finished yet… I’ve got the bug and I’m getting results!”

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