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Paul’s Favourite piece of equipment

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Paul (one of our Duty Managers at Station Sports Centre) has chosen to tell us what his favourite piece of gym equipment is and the reason he prefers this machine to the rest of the others…

“My favourite piece of gym equipment is the Treadmill for the following nine reasons…

Reducing the Impact

The treadmill reduces the impact more than running outdoors does and reduces the risk of having joint problems as they will endure less impact throughout my workout.

Mental Health

Using the treadmill helps my brain function better, be healthier, and in turn, makes me feel much happier. Feeling this way gives me more and more motivation to try to enhance my fitness goals.

Healthy Heart

Exercising regularly on the treadmill helps with the circulation of blood around my body, meaning my muscles get more oxygen. This allows me to workout harder and for longer. Having a healthy heart will lower my blood pressure, increase good cholesterol and help prevent heart disease and the risk of having a heart attack.

Losing Weight

Running on the treadmill helps me burn calories and lose weight. Generally, I usually burn around 100 calories a mile on average and I feel running is much better for me to lose weight as opposed to other aerobic exercises such as using the bikes.

Being in Control

I like to be in control of my own workout by using the different programmes on the Treadmill. I can adjust the duration, incline and speed but more importantly, not get wet like I would outdoors ?


I enjoy running on the treadmill as it is a lot safer than running outdoors. I don’t need to worry about being hit by a car while running on the pavement or road and there is plenty of lighting.

Muscle Building

Although running on the treadmill is a cardio based workout for me, it also contributes towards building my muscles that are being used too and helps them become stronger. My core strength is increased and arm muscles (swing while running) can also gain from running.

Improving Joint Flexibility

Joint flexibility is important to me and will enable me to stay mobile, especially as I age. Running on the treadmill will assist with this and help me to battle against and slow down, the possibility of getting certain bone diseases such as arthritis, which would limit my flexibility.

Building Bone Density

Regularly running on the treadmill helps to build my bone density and make them stronger.  The higher the bone density I have will help me to combat diseases such as osteoporosis. Running on the treadmill is a great for way to strengthen my bones and run without injuring my joints due to the lower impact.”

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