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Over 100 Classes at Meridian

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WITH 115 fantastic fitness classes every single week, there is something for everyone at Meridian…all helping you to Look Great, Feel Great and Live a Great Life.

But just what are they and who are they for? Senior fitness instructor, Sam Frew, gives us a ‘step-by-step’ guide to some of the classes you will enjoy, whatever your age or ability! So, let him explain the best classes for every level:


For the beginner or getting back into fitness

Sam says “Before anyone starts a class or exercise routine, the best advice I can offer is for them to come along and speak to any of the trained Lifestyle Consultants we have here. We are always here to listen and advise. Of course, we can accommodate all abilities in most of the classes, which just a bit of advice from the instructors on a low-impact workout, however my favourites for a beginner or someone who is returning to fitness after an absence would be:

Body Conditioning: This hour-long class is low intensity so perfect for those starting out, although that does not exclude the more experienced and instructors will advise all those who go along. It offers a whole body workout, great for muscle shaping away from the gym. Just turn up but to secure a place please book.

Low impact aerobics: Again, this is an hour-long class which is an all over body working that ‘hits everything’. It is to music, but as stated is low impact meaning it is perfect for those who are first-timers, or returning. With choreography designed to be slightly slower tempo than aerobics. Again though, always speak to the instructor first – they will offer some great advice and show you the correct techniques from the off!


Mid-way fitness classes

You may want to try something new, or feel you are relatively fit – but not quite ready for the ‘total burn’ – here are some of Sam’s best examples…

Kettlebells: This is a quieter class, no music, which focuses in on power and exercising the core. It is a style that really focuses in on the technique first and in everything you do. It really is great for building strength and while I say it is mid-term, again, it can be as intense as the individual wishes it to be. A great class for burning calories and improving muscle tone.

Glutes & Abs: This is a great class for really toning those muscles, this class is 30 minutes but boy, do you feel it with squats and abs work making sure you get the maximum benefit from the workout.


High Impact for maximum effect

As a Magna Vitae instructor for more than three years, Sam has experience of all the classes – so what would be his recommendations for those who want to take it to the max!

Les Mills BodyCOMBAT: This is a great class for maximum impact, and I think I read the other day that you can burn up to 740 calories in just one class! This is a high-energy work-out, which is inspired by martial-arts, with plenty of punching and kicking in there. You can’t go wrong – and it’s also a stress-buster!

Les Mills BodyPUMP (virtual and instructor-led): I take this one, so am bound to love it – but it is honestly great. It is a barbell workout (you can use various weights so it can be for all too!), it uses technique and proven moves to provide something for all the body. A total exercise and there’s some good music too.



So what is for all?

Sam says, while all classes can be carried out at a lesser or higher impact by any individual, he would recommend the spin (cycling) classes as something for everyone.

“I love taking the spin classes and really happy to see people of any ability joining us. I will always say to those who may be joining for the first time, to do half of what I am doing, to take their time and most of all enjoy it. This way you safely build up your fitness.


Our Virtual Studio Classes.

Sam really thinks these are for all and loves the idea of Meridian introducing these classes alongside those that are instructor-led.

“The virtual classes are for everyone as you go at your own pace. I actually can’t wait to try it out, but with all my classes I am struggling to find the time. I have heard rave reviews about Sh’bam and am looking forward to having a go at CXWORX.”

Virtual classes in Dance Studio include BodyPUMP, CXWORX, Sh’Bam and BodyCOMBAT. Meanwhile downstairs in the dedicated spin room, there is the fantastic Sufferfest programme.

And don’t forget our Pilates and Yoga classes in Studio 2: suitable for all ages.

To view our timetable click here.

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