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Our Phased Approach…

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Magna Vitae’s phased approach to reopening…

The final instalment of our operational updates this week introduces the phased approach to our reopening arrangements. Please bear in mind that we are taking rigorous precautions in order to protect the wellbeing of our staff and most importantly you.

What does this “phased approach” mean?

Our phased approach to reopening means that we will be introducing a 3-step approach depending on our customers’ type.

Step 1 – Current “live” membership holders

On Saturday 25th July 2020 we will only open to our current live membership holders. This is to honour our members that have stayed with us, shown loyalty and shared continuous support and positivity throughout these difficult times, thank you.

Although this may only be for a very short period of time, we need to ensure that:

  • We can help facilitate the Governments’ “Track and Trace” service and provide details of all venue visitors to Public Health England (PHE) if required;
    ·         We efficiently manage a bookings system for our Fitness Suites and group exercise classes where provided (initially group exercise will be at Meridian Leisure Centre only);
    ·         Staff and members are confident and comfortable moving around the venues in an orderly fashion, following the one-way systems and routinely social distancing.
    ·         You bring your MV Card with you to every visit;
    ·         Everyone follows the new cleaning processes, including the wiping down of fitness equipment both before AND after use and continuing to regularly hand wash and sanitise.

Step 2 – lockdown cancelled memberships and casual “Pay as you Play” customers

Provisionally we are considering Step 2 starting on Monday 8th August 2020. Within this second phase of reopening we will welcome back members that cancelled their membership during the COVID-19 lockdown, other previously cancelled members and casual fitness suite and exercise class customers. For these membership types:

  • Purchase a membership online through our new “Join at Home” portal;
    ·         Once your membership has been activated you can book a 1 hour gym slot through our online booking system;
    ·         Casual users will be able to purchase a 1 hour Fitness Suite session or exercise class space online through the booking system;
    ·         If you need to directly speak to someone at the venue with regards to your membership, please phone the venue on their direct line any payments required will be requested by card only.

Step 3 – New custom and memberships

Provisionally we are considering starting to welcome new custom and memberships from 1st September 2020.

Step 3 forms the final phase of re-opening where we will hopefully start to welcome even more people back through our doors; this is some time away, further details on how we will proceed with this Step, will be shared at a later date. Please keep a watchful eye on our social media channels and website for useful information and operational updates.

Membership payments

Magna Vitae are pleased to announce that all types of fitness direct debit membership payments will be reinstated and collected from 1st September 2020. To confirm, as a gesture of goodwill and to help welcome our members back through our doors there will be no direct debit payments collected for the period 25th July and 31st August 2020. Thank you again to everyone for standing by us in these challenging times, we have really appreciated this.

Current cash memberships paid for in advance will be extended in accordance with the number of days our service was unavailable to you from 21st March to 31st August 2020, depending upon your original expiry date of course.

If members are experiencing individual circumstances that do not fit with the above stated arrangements, we would ask that they contact their membership venue and discuss with a relevant Manager. We will continue to do all we can to help you.


For those wanting to make a return to gymnastics, we know you are eager to do so. Staff coaches are currently considering the Magna Vitae Gymnastics programme and, similar to our Waterwise swimming lessons, we hope to have this activity available again from the beginning of September. Please keep watching this space for more details….hopefully they will follow very shortly.

Looking forward to seeing you all again very soon! 


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