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One sister is doing it for herself…with a bit of help from Harry Potter!

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Jo Robertson admits to having a severe case of ‘gym phobia’ – but she plugs in her favourite book, laces up her trainers and gets on the fantastic equipment at Horncastle Pool & Fitness Suite at least three times a week!

And the 51-year-old nurse is speaking out to try and get other women her age up and active – for their own good!

Jo is using International Women’s Day today to talk opening about the health issues she has experienced since hitting a ‘certain age’.

“There is no doubt that women can have a really rough time when they go through the menopause, and I am certainly pleased to read that more and more celebrities are now opening up about their experiences, but it is still something that people don’t talk about enough,” says Jo.

As a professional agency nurse, Jo works a lot of night shifts and is aware of the health risks that could expose her to – with research suggesting shift workers are more prone to heart disease.

Coupled with symptoms associated with the menopause, Jo admits she was beginning to struggle – she lacked energy and was becoming forgetful and anxious. But she was determined not to seek medication.

“I was going through what so many women go through, and that was coupled with an often stressful and busy job. However, I didn’t want to get medical treatment and so, despite not enjoying this kind of fitness work, I decided – persuaded by my family – that I had to try,” she explains.

“And there is no doubt it has worked, and I want to ensure other women know this. You may not want to go to the gym – but, believe me, you should.  My moods have improved, and I feel more active and much fresher,” adds Jo.

And for others like her, she has a tip – and that comes in the form of your favourite e-books. Jo plugs her earphones in and has enjoyed the full Harry Potter and Narnia sets, all while working out!

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