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Older Adults

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For many older people, regular exercise is not only good for the body, but also for the mind.

You may be missing the social aspect of a walk with friends, or doing your local fitness classes with your friends, and that’s okay. The important thing to remember is that you can still keep active with your friends even when you’re at home.


If you are able to get online, you can join in with a wide range of exercise classes, perfectly suited to all types of fitness.

From Pilates and yoga, to aerobics and Zumba – there’s so much available online for you to choose from.

Social Distancing Exercise

If you have a garden and are friendly with your neighbours, why not organise a group fitness session outside? You can keep it simple – stretches and light movements, together with some music – it’s like an outdoor exercise class!

This also helps you get outside in the sunshine more, as it can be tempting to stay indoors a lot at the moment. Sunshine and fresh air is essential for keeping a healthy mind and body.

Catch Up Calls

You may not have access to the internet or an outdoor space, but that doesn’t mean you have to exercise solo. Arrange with a friend by phone to exercise at the same time each day and then afterward, give each other a call to see how you did!

You can also do a call before you start, to help encourage each other if you’re feeling a bit lethargic that day.

One You

One You is Lincolnshire’s healthy lifestyle service, supporting residents to go move more, go smoke-free, lose weight, and drink less. Check out more via the link below:

Alternatively, you can email or call 01522 705162 to find out more.

Book online now!

Fitness members can book classes online, 7 days in advance.


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