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November Fit Tip Blog – Making Time for exercise

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We all know the run up to Christmas is filled with fun, frolics and festivity, but be sure to ‘make time’ for your fitness too!

Magna Vitae are here to support you in keeping healthy in body and mind, our mission is to help you lead a great life. This month, we have revealed a number of simple, yet effective ways to make sure you don’t miss out on your fitness goals this festive season.

Let’s re-cap and see how many you Fit Tip’s you took on-board this month…

  1. STOP spending time watching TV that you aren’t gripped by! We challenged you to ‘miss 1 hour of TV a week’ and donate that time to improving your fitness.
  2. Why not give yourself an extra little treat after each workout? Adding a small incentive, like ‘£1 towards your holiday spending money for every 30mins spent exercising’, adds an extra motivation to finding time to stick to your exercise plan!
  3. Searching for shopping deals this month, before rushing out to the shops and travelling somewhere local, why not ‘leave 20mins early and walk!’
  4. Morning exercise boosts your energy levels, focuses the mind and helps inspire you to keep up the healthy choices throughout the day. We challenged you to ‘get up an hour earlier once a week’ and make the most of the brighter mornings.
  5. ‘Planning when you’re going to the gym in advance’ makes you far more likely to remember, to plan around them, and not to double book!
  6. If you’re feeling short on time, ‘up the intensity and reduce the length of your workout!’ This will burn just as many calories.
  7. Why not ‘meet your friends at the gym for a workout, swim or exercise classes?’ The fun doubles with every friend you bring….plus you can still catch up over a coffee afterwards.
  8. Why put off ’till tomorrow what you can do today? Use the amazing feel-good factor of completing one of our workouts to motivate you to ‘book your place on next week’s class straight after your workout’ – all classes can be booked 7 days in advance!

In the run-up to Christmas keep an eye out on our social media pages for our #FIT_TIPs this December!

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