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Michaela develops her skills with Magna Vitae

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MICHAELA Davies, 45, recently joined the Magna Vitae family as one of the latest employees to join the team at Skegness Pool & Fitness Suite through the Skill-Builder Programme.

Michaela, who was initially unemployed, has spent the last 12 weeks training with the Magna Vitae team in Skegness to help gain numerous qualifications and start a new career thanks to the local Skill-Builder programme.

The new employability programme, led by Magna Vitae Trust for Leisure and Culture, and funded through Coastal Communities, allows individuals to build on their skills, qualifications, and offers hand-on experience. Supporting people with mental health challenges, social anxiety, or those out of work, who are looking to develop skill sets.

Michaela, who spoke to a member of the team one day in Skegness, found out about the programme and submitted a curriculum Vitae to the venue. Once contacted Michaela was excited to know about what she could learn and what skills she could develop, from swimming lessons to online training, Michaela was soon diving into her new skills.

Michaela said “This is a fantastic programme and once that I heard about in passing. I’ve learnt so much more that I thought I would, and I can now say that I am a full qualified lifeguard at Skegness Pool & Fitness Suite.”

Some of the qualifications that Michaela has gained are National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ), Safeguarding, Mental Health Awareness, Fire Marshalling, COSHH Awareness, COVID-19 Back to Business, GDPR awareness for businesses and frontline staff and First Aid at work. All fully funded through the skill-builder programme, it allowed Michaela to learn at her own pace, and develop her skills and knowledge.

“All of these courses and workshops have helped me to find a job in an industry that interests me. The staff have been amazing and helped support me all the way through. I would recommend this programme to anyone who is struggling to find work or looking for something new to do.” Added Michaela.

Naomi Wilkinson-Baker, General Manager of the Leisure Venues at Magna Vitae said; “This is a terrific programme for anyone who is out of work or looking to up their skills, qualifications, and knowledge. There are numerous different areas that you can focus on over the skill-builder programme, and where you would like to develop. We currently offer this programme to people along the East Coast, around Mablethorpe and Skegness, check our website to see if you’re eligible.”

If you are interested in exploring the Skill-builder programme, you can find out more by going to our Skill-Builder Programme or by emailing

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