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Meet the Team at Station Sports Centre

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Station Sports Centre, Mablethorpe: your friendly and fun fitness suite, it’s here for YOU, but do you know just what there is to offer at the venue, which will help you to Look Great, Feel Great and Live a Great Life! Here is what there is:

  • Two fully equipped gyms with a weights area.
  • Great kids’ fun during the school holidays.
  • Spin cycle classes with trained instructors.
  • Kettlebell circuits.
  • Walking football for the over 50s.
  • Indoor mixed football sessions for the Under 5s.
  • Astroturf for football, hockey and – for Wimbledon fans, there is tennis!
  • Badminton, four people can hire the court for just less than £2 each. And if you are a member, you can book it on the same day FREE.

….and that is just a selection!

So now, let’s meet the team

Kenny Foakes, 19, a leisure attendant.

Kenny has been with the team for three years, joining as an apprentice straight after school, he knew it was what he always wanted to do.

“I have been coming here since I was around four-years-old, so it is just like a second home,” said Kenny, who used to love the kids’ activities as a child.

Today he has successfully qualified as a Level 2 fitness instructor and is on the brink of gaining Level 3 status, which includes personal training.

A keen instructor, he takes the classes and realises the importance of giving good advice, while keeping things fun!

“It is important to make sure things are fun and light-hearted and we all have a laugh and a joke, but I am always keeping an eye on people to make sure they are doing the right thing,” he adds.

Kenny loves the team and customers at Mablethorpe – and his ambition is to further progress in a fitness and management role.

Paul Marper, Duty Manager.

Paul joined the team back in 2000 and has never looked back: “This is a very friendly place to work and as a team we get along very well. But, as importantly, we have a great relationship here with our customers. We know, by name, almost all of the customers who come through our doors and will have time for a chat, that is what makes this a great place to be,” said Paul.

Steve Evans, Duty Manager.

Steve is a long-serving member of the team, having started as a ‘YTS’ trainee back in 1996. Since then he too has enjoyed the good relationships that exist between both colleagues and customers.

“We really are a part of the local community and it is great to be involved in all the activities we have here, from the badminton to the football and tennis,” said Steve.

Gemma Lidgard, senior attendant.

Gemma has been part of the Station team for 14 years and is also full of praise for everyone who is involved with the Magna Vitae centre and what is achieved by the customers who regularly attend.

“It is wonderful to be a part of helping someone to achieve their goal. We see them progress from being people who will say ‘I can’t go and do that class’ or ‘I can’t possibly do that’, to actually doing it and enjoying it,” said Gemma.

Nathan Nicolson, Leisure Attendant

Nathan loves Station Sports so much – that he goes in early for a quick work-out before starting his shift! Nathan joined the team nine years ago, after helping as a volunteer.

“It is a good place to work, and everyone is very friendly – we really are a team,” he said.


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