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Martin is now brave enough to speak up on his own

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“MY name’s Martin and I like onion bhajis, but I don’t like people who are rude;

My name’s Martin and I like onion bhajis, but I don’t like people who are rude;

My name’s Martin and I like onion bhajis, but I don’t like people who are rude.”

The statement gets louder and louder as Martin Daly’s voice blends with others and his confidence grows. Suddenly there is silence – apart from one voice. It’s Martin’s, now brave enough to speak up on his own, before the voices of others join in once more – all shouting out their likes and dislikes.

Martin and his new-found friends enjoy two hours of gentle movement, exercise and confidence-building drama at special sessions, which are run by our community arm, to support over 18s who are living with mental health conditions.

The ‘Unordinary Ensemble’ sessions, supported by Lincolnshire’s Managed Care Network for Mental Health, are helping to meet an increasing need for services to support adults across East Lindsey.

Martin, 57, attends the Louth Library sessions every week. A former military man and married with children, he held down a responsible job with a major international firm in his home city of Sheffield for 27 years.

However, Martin’s world slowly began to crumble as he became increasingly unable to cope. His condition deteriorated – leading to a complete breakdown.

“You never think this is going to happen to you. If someone had said to me three years ago that I would be facing this, I would have laughed at them,” said Martin.

Martin’s life became more and more withdrawn as he turned his back on his love of football and walking.

“I simply could not deal with the chaos that I saw around me and the selfishness that I could see everywhere. It is at that moment that you understand why people want to put an end to something – you can see why they feel they have had enough,” explains Martin.

“If it is normal to live in that society, then I just do not wish to be a part of it anymore,” he adds.

As part of Martin’s recovery, he moved to the east coast, where he combines a peaceful life with caring for his father-in-law.

“While I would not wish this on anyone, I am at peace here and when I come to these sessions I meet true friends.

“This is a fantastic course and I am now determined to try and help others by encouraging them to come and give this a try. People need to know that they are not alone,” said Martin.

The sessions are running at the Conoco Room at Louth Library between 1pm and 2.30pm on Mondays and at The Storehouse, Skegness on Tuesdays from 10am until 11.30am.

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