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Magna Vitae’s new health initiative to support Dementia

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Magna Vitae is launching food nostalgia workshops from January for people affected by Dementia and their carers.

‘Feeding Memories’ is a series of Dementia friendly workshops aimed at reviving the senses through old food adverts, food packaging, and food tasting from years gone by (and some cooking where venues allow). Dementia food advice for improved nutrition and social interaction will be provided to both Dementia patients and carers.

The workshops will be delivered by Magna Vitae’s Food for Life Team focusing on decades such as the forties and fifties, of food smells to evoke memory recall, the sight of foods, old food adverts and texture and feel. The sessions will also encourage social interaction to enable participants to reminisce and for carers to share ways to improve diet and eating habits of those with Dementia.

The sessions can be made in to manageable periods of time to retain attention spans and flexible to ensure joint working with dementia cafes and other activities.

If you would like support from one of these sessions and you are a community group, Dementia café or hold support groups in the District and surrounding areas, please contact Marko Humphrey, or call  01507 613443 for more information or to book.

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