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Magna Vitae staff to be upskilled through HFE partnership

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To further expand our offering to the community, we at Magna Vitae have partnered up with HFE (Health and Fitness Education); a quality and reputable training provider in the health and fitness sector, to train our staff in aqua-based fitness and gym instructing.

An exciting new adventure for our staff

It is important to us to encourage healthy lifestyles and enrich the lives of our community. Through the positive and welcoming attitudes of our staff and by promoting overall well-being, we are proud to assist, on average, 42,316 members per year to engage in a variety of physical activities across our facilities.

In order to continue achieving our goal, our staff will undergo training with HFE in Level 2 Aqua Instructing and Level 2 Gym Instructing. This will enable us to offer fun and engaging activities to our clients in a way which is inclusive and suitable for all.

Water-based exercise

As part of the Level 2 Aqua Instructing course, our staff will learn how to deliver water-based exercise in an exciting and exhilarating way. This increasingly popular, low-impact and effective form of exercise is perfect for older generations or for those suffering from joint and muscle pain. Exercising in the water means that the impact on the joints is lessened, so this form of exercise can be suitable for those who struggle with more intense workouts. However, with the added challenge of working against the water’s resistance, this can be a rewarding workout for all who participate.

Gym-based workouts

For those interested in using our gym facilities, we will also be training our staff in Level 2 Gym Instructing. This means that we will have instructors on hand to help induct new members, plan their training sessions and support them in achieving their fitness goals. Safety in our facilities is paramount, and with the support of HFE, our newly qualified gym instructors will learn how to support our members to exercise in a safe, yet effective way.

Who are HFE and what do they do?

HFE are a highly-reputable training provider to the active leisure sector with a commitment to delivering the best quality education and training across the sector. As well as their courses in aqua and gym instructing, HFE offer accredited qualifications in a number of disciplines, including personal training, yoga teacher training, Pilates teacher training and through the level 3 and level 4 sports massage courses. HFE are a Training Provider Partner of CIMSPA and the qualifications that the team achieve will also be fully recognised by CIMSPA.

Rick Gardiner, Head of Operations at HFE said:

We’re delighted to support the team at Magna Vitae continue to provide the highest-levels of exercise instruction to the community, whether it be through gym-based workouts or water-based exercise. We’re thoroughly looking forward to the forthcoming training activities. 

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