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Magna Vitae – Horncastle Pool and Fitness Suite
Mark Vickers with David Anderson
Picture: Sarah Washbourn /

When Mark Vickers was told by his consultant that a vital operation would only be performed if he lost weight, he took action.

An injury when he was just 18 has seen Mark, now 51, dogged with health issues all of his adult life – and this has led to weight gain, which in turn has led to associated problems.

But, with his medic advising him to lose weight before more surgery, he is determined to win the battle and has joined the friendly team at Horncastle Pool & Fitness Suite where Lifestyle Consultant Dave Anderson has established a programme for him.

“Because of the problems I have I cannot swim properly, however Dave advised that I use a floatation belt, which allows me to work my legs. I also have a programme in the gym, which is great,” said Mark, who was referred to the centre by his GP – something that others who need to lose weight can ask for.

“My health prevents me from doing anything physical and I want to, which can be very frustrating. However, coming here helps with my mental wellbeing too and I am determined to get there,” added Mark.
Mark is also supporting the current New Year: New You campaign being run by the Magna Vitae Trust for Leisure & Culture, which operates Horncastle Pool & Fitness Suite. The Trust wants people to ‘get active, more often’, in East Lindsey, as figures reveal how 67.8 per cent of adults in the district are classed as overweight or obese. Obesity is linked to Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, liver disease, some cancers, increased disability and premature death.

Our 5 top tips for losing weight and getting fit:

1. Join us: of course, we would say that, but for just £1 a day you get expert consultations, a specially devised fitness programme, regular checks, support when required, nutritional advice and access to our fitness suites, pools, saunas, steam rooms and virtual and instructor-led classes.
2. Eat sensibly: don’t skip breakfast and eat regular meals with plenty of fruit and veg.
3. Drink plenty of water and cut down on alcohol
4. Plan your meals and don’t stock-up on junk food.
5. Don’t avoid the odd treat – just remember, everything in moderation.

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