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I changed my lifestyle

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Four stone lighter with a body fat loss of almost 20 per cent – junk food addict turned keep fit fanatic Chris Smith is a walking, talking advert for healthy eating and exercise.

The 38-year-old car salesman from Horncastle is looking younger as well as healthier as he continues his almost-daily routines at the town’s Fitness Suite and Pool, which is operated by the Magna Vitae Trust for Leisure and Culture.
Chris is now keen to spread the word about shedding those pounds.

“I was horrified when I went on the scales and weighed in at 18-stone. I had always been quite sporty so just could not believe it,” said Chris.

A diet of no breakfast, a mid-morning bacon bun, skipping lunch, fast food and eating late – coupled with his busy working and family life – had seen him pile on the pounds.

“But I knew I had to make the effort, it was just a case of putting things into action and getting it done,” said Chris.
A visit to Horncastle’s Pool & Fitness Suite saw him introduced to the team there – all who support his continued progress.

“It is fantastic to see the change in Chris,” said Lifestyle Consultant David Anderson.
Chris blends his new fitness regime with a change in diet and eating habits – and intends to keep on going.

“If I had carried on as I was, I would have just got more and more unhealthy. The family has also seen the change, and they are loving it too. I can play with the children without being out of breath,” added Chris.

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