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Gymnastics Changes

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Changes to your Child’s Gymnastics sessions

We would like to take this opportunity to update you all on the problems we are facing as a club, why they have happened, and what we are doing to resolve these issues to make it a better experience for your children.

Firstly, we would like to apologise for the staffing issues we are currently experiencing in our gymnastics club; COVID has disrupted our staffing, leaving us short at times not only to coach the sessions, but managing the administration side.

To resolve this, we have worked to regroup our gymnasts into two groups, rather than three. This would allow for any last-minute coaching issues, as there would be one less group to cover. It would also allow for less groups to manage regarding the learning criteria and registers. This was only supposed to be a temporary change while we trying to achieve consistent staffing levels, however we received news that one of our coaches would be leaving us mid-October, meaning we will now be sticking to running two groups at any one time. The groups will however be smaller moving forward. This means the creation of new groups, which some of our current gymnasts will be moved into.

These are some of the many exciting changes that we are making to develop and continue to improve our club. We are extremely close to implementing the new RISE gymnastics criteria which will be accessed electronically on our online system. This can be monitored and managed by coaches as well as parents. We hope to have this completed by the end of October, where we can then regroup our gymnasts. We also have the opportunity to move our teaching days to a Friday afternoon/evening and a Saturday morning, which is something we seriously want to consider if our gymnasts can make it on these days.

Summary of changes:

·       New management system implemented – Learn2, will be implemented by the 1st  November 2021 – watch out for your introduction email soon;
·       RISE gymnastics learning criteria to commence;
·       Gymnasts regrouped
·       More groups to allow for better coach-gymnast ratio
·       Wednesday group proposed to be moved to a Friday
·       Sunday group proposed to be moved to a Saturday

We would appreciate any concerns and feedback from you to allow us to plan the upcoming changes. Thank you once again for your continued support during these difficult times.

Kind Regards
Gymnastics Co-Ordinator

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