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Funding awarded to East Lindsey

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Magna Vitae is delighted to announce that East Lindsey District Council (ELDC) has been awarded £5million funding from Arts Council England’s Cultural Development Fund.  The funding will support partners including Magna Vitae’s Embassy Theatre, the Pier and neighbouring public open spaces. This is the only award in the East Midlands.

More than 70 cultural organisations across the country are to be given a considerable financial boost by the government so they can improve people’s access to the arts, support local economic growth through culture and safeguard vital local collections for future generations.

A total investment of £58.8 million will see arts venues transformed, upgraded and created as part of the government’s plans to make sure everyone, no matter where they live, can access the UK’s world-renowned culture.

This will establish one of the UK’s first ‘Culture Houses’ which is based on a concept originating in Scandinavia and developed through Magna Vitae’s association with Danish Artistic Advisor Jens Frimann-Hansen.  Culture House plans include the redesign and enhancement of the existing traditional theatre to broaden cultural and community engagement.  This focus will include educational, health and well-being activity to engage local communities and visitor economies year-round.

  • This project supports the intention of the Connected Coast Transformation Plan by creating a “Culture House” concept to maximise the potential of the local area’s significant cultural and heritage assets. The development will renew the unique setting of the Skegness Foreshore as the key focal point linking the adjacent high street, foreshore, promenade, pleasure gardens, beach and coastal path.


  • The overriding vision is to adapt, transform, redevelop, redesign and reinvent the existing, prominently located, Embassy Theatre from a purely transactional (buy a ticket watch a show) model to a “Culture House” concept model, as well as vastly improving the external appearance and identity from the surrounding area, to engage with the local context whilst providing internal spaces suitable for numerous flexible uses.


  • The “Culture House” concept will showcase a new entrance façade to attract new visitors, exhibitions and new business to the building, simultaneously increasing the footfall through it. It will be a leading development in the area promoting community togetherness through the arts, culture and business activity that will actively engage with the public.


  • The project adds to the already impressive track record of the Embassy Theatre operated by Magna Vitae in attracting and delivering inspiring projects and performances. These include Luke Jerram, Romeo Castellucci, SIX the musical, Arts Council England’s Creative People and Places National Conference to name just a few.


  • The project also links closely to the exciting and ambitious vision by the Mellors Group for the redevelopment of Skegness Pier and within this phase the pier will see a new frontage, local community outdoor event spaces and creative hubs.

“ This is inspiring for the local community and indeed the cultural sector in Lincolnshire and beyond, an opportunity to develop cultural lead learning, skills development on a scale only previously dreamt of. The project will also have a significant long term economic impact with the local area and with a very positive effect on local business. We are particularly excited on the positive effect this project will have on the community bringing new cultural opportunity to all within the area.

We look forward to working with partners East Lindsey District Council, Mellors Group, Arts Council England and DCMS.”


Peter Helps MBE

Chairman – Magna Vitae

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